The Birth Notification in the Newspaper

Happy Birthday to Me!

On August 16 around 9.35am, a young woman gave birth to a tubby baby boy. The boy is no longer a baby nor tubby but a young handsome man of twenty-six (OK! I am a narcissus :) )

The Birth Notification in the Newspaper

My grandmother gave me the well preserved notification in the newspaper on which my grandfather had neatly written the time of my birth. Somethings last forever :D

Happy birthday to me!

WordPress Plugin: Snap Shots Integrator

Snap took over the development of my highly popular Snap Shots plugin almost a year back. Inspite of that, the plugin has seen tremendous downloads from this site. Thank you!

Since then, there have been several changes to the way Snap Shots is integrated in your blog. The major change has been the requirement of creating a new account with Snap and the ability to control the display of the popup from within that account itself.

Hence, it was high time for me to deprecate my original plugin. In its stead, I have create a brand new, lighter and compatible plugin aptly titled Snap Shots Integrator.

Read more and download Snap Shots Integrator