It’s movie time!

Surprise! An update in less thanĀ  one month ;)

Two weeks back I went off to the O2 to watch Inception. Since then I have caught three more movies, viz. A-Team, Knight and Day and Karate Kid.

I have taken the unlimited movies plan at Cineworld, and I have already made that up for this month by watching two movies in the last two days :) By my math, I’ll need to watch just 18 movies in the next three months. Call me thrifty ;)

Work has been crazy as usual with me finishing my fourth all-nighter at work in the three months that I have been here. Not something to be proud about, but hey, it happens! This week promises to be light. Then again promises are meant to be broken.

Back to movies, there is a whole set of movies in the pipeline that I plan on watching:

So, which movies do you plan on watching?


  1. Watch Toy Story and Despicable Me in 3D

  2. You will absolutely like Toy story 3 I took my daughter to see it and I was actually interested in the movie. It had a great plot and it had adventure and comedy to it. You will especially like what happens with buzz light year!!! keep us posted great blog

    1. Will definitely catch it :)

  3. Watch Toy Story and Despicable Me in 3D

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