Snap Shots Plugin (formerly Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin)

This plugin has been replaced by the Snap Shots Integrator.

Snap Shots Integrator is a lighter and easier to use plugin that is compatible with the new Snap Shots interface.

100 thoughts on “Snap Shots Plugin (formerly Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin)

  1. Thanks for the great plugin but my theme didn’t support it. Should I include the code manually on each of the theme’s pages. I have recently upgraded to 2.1

  2. Thanks buddy for the help. It’s working fine now. Thanks for the great great plugin. Its really going to help visitors who want to visit their desired links. Thanks again.

  3. [...] Snap Preview AnywhereTM Plugin – This plug-in pops a preview of the site you’re linking to, I used this for about a week when I realized it slowed page load time when trying to retrieve a snapshot of the page and it was just plain annoying everytime I hovered over a link for a second this preview popped up. [...]

  4. [...] You must have seen a little pop-up window appear when you hover over a link in this blog and many blogs in the Internet. This is the work of this plug-in known as Snap-Preview anywhere and it helps to previw a link before you actually click and go to that link. This has been developed by Ajay D’Souza

  5. [...] relaxing, and today I?m back in the grind of work and other such things. I also reinstalled the Snap Preview Plugin which I was running a couple of months ago, but now the preview pane only activates when you hover [...]

  6. [...] is it’s a new way of exploring the blogosphere. 2k Bloggers has a photo montage page with the snap preview plugin installed. Snap gives you a screen shot of the website before you visit it. Anyway, 2k Bloggers [...]

  7. [...] I first set up this new blog, I tried to get this plug-in working. Snap Shots is a utility you can use on websites, that will create a pop up window when you hover over a link [...]

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