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  • Connections is an excellent theme and your version makes it even better. Great work.

  • Thank you!
    I am glad you like it.

  • Hi,

    I am trying to publish my links as a blog roll on the sidebar. However, when I am trying to publish it, there is a black mark coming in front of the blogroll box. I am using the code without any headers. Please tell me where I am going wrong. You can see the black dot on my blog page –


  • Where exactly in the sidebar is your blog roll?
    I do not see any black marks anywhere in the sidebar of your blog above.

    I have checked your blog in both IE and Firefox

  • I removed the formatting. I tried to paste just the links tag and the box header displayed Blogroll (the default link category), and along with that there was a black dot coming outside the box.

    Later, I just removed the links link and instead pasted in a new box template. You can see that the links are now listed according to the category. I was trying to list them as a single category (Blogroll), with the header as Blogroll which comes automatically from WP, if you paste the links tag without any box template.

  • This black dot is actualy because the sidebar listing is part of a list.

    You may need to edit the CSS file or use appropriate sidebar code to avoid that black dot.

  • any idea why my site is missing the rap image from the sides? and also. would you mind telling me how i can add on the newsletter and site stats feature. i’m using the style for a commercial site for a classified print magazine going web and could really use these features..

  • i forgot to a add that your editor is awesome. i didn’t even know this was a feature. i’m so new to this everythings cool. could you mention what plug in this is.

  • I can see the rap images on the sides of your site.

    For the newsletter read this post.
    There are a lot of newsletter plugins available for WP here.

    I’m using StatCounter for stats.

    For the editor (I assume you are talking of the toolbar you see here on the comment form), I use Comment Quicktags.

  • What is the plugin that you are using for the comment preview?

  • I have downloaded and activated the plugin. But the LivePreview is not working. Do I need to tweak the code in comments template for this to work?

  • Add <?php live_preview(); ?> to the comments template where you want to display the Preview.

  • Ajay, its not working for me. I have tried to put it at a lot of places in the comments template. But it is just not working. The last place where I have placed it and left it there is:

    All comments are subject to the Rules.

    Can you tell me where exactly to place it so that it shows the way it is showing up here. If I get this, then I can tweak it further the way I want. Thanks.

  • I have it placed it just after:
    <?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?>

    Check if you have <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> in between the <head> and </head>

    Reconfirm if you have activated the plugin and that your blog is not generating any javascript errors.
    Alternatively you may need to contact the developer or post in the WordPress Support Forums.

  • Yeah I have that link in my html header. Dunno why the preview is not showing up. Will check up in the WP Support Forums. Anyways, thanks for your help and for the great theme. It rocks !!

  • Thank you.

    Glad you like the theme.

  • do you think you could give us more info on how to get the newsletter feature actually working?

  • The newsletter I use is a ready made php script.

    It is called txtlist and is totally independent from WP.

    It would be easier if you just contact the developer with any queries regarding the newsletter.

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  • Hi Ajaym

    Great design man, i would love to use it, but I’am having a small problem. Something’s wrong with the borders, can you have a look at ?
    You can login with jasper/inklings



  • Additionally:

    On the right/botoom corner, I get this message:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function: cc_output_image() in /home/users/inkliftp/ on line 140″

  • Jasper, I cannot login to your site above. It gives me 401 error.

    But for the solution to your problem, please delete the line <li><?php cc_output_image("") ?></li>

    I will get a fix for the theme ready. Thank you for pointing this out :)

  • Thanks Ajay,

    From which file(s) do I have to remove this line?

  • Only from sidebar.php

  • Hi Ajay,

    It’s really nice to see that you have decided to make your customized theme available for everyone :)

    Keep up the good work !

  • Fix worked, thanks, keep up the good work!

  • @Shriram Just doing my service to the community :D

  • Ajay,

    How can I set up my archives page under the connections template without uploading your whole template? I’ve already made a number of mods to mine and I’d hate to have to go back and do them all again.

  • The easiest way for you would be to download the theme and copy the code from archives.php

  • Yeah, that is what I ended up doing. Thanks for all your mods to the theme. I’m very pleased with everything. Also, thank you for your prompt reply.

  • Your most welcome. Glad to be of use :)

  • Ajay, I tried to install version 1.01 but ended up with some severe (CSS?) problems and had to switch back to 1.0. Do you have an idea what could be the case?

    Another thing: I would like to show recent comments on the side-bar, do you have some wisdom on how to do that?

    Thanks, once again!

  • I downloaded Connections Reloaded but when I installed it was the connections theme. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to do something in addition to installing the theme? I love the reloaded them and wish to use that on my site.


  • @Jasper, I can’t think of what CSS problem you could have faced because I didn’t touch the CSS file during the 1.0 > 1.01 update. Could you fill me in more via email on the issue. Anyway, I went through and cleaned the CSS file. Give it a shot.

    For the Recent Comments I use Get Recent Comments.

    @Heather, I originally had Connections Reloaded extract to the same directory as Connections, however have changed the directory now with v1.1
    The look is almost same as Connections.
    My site runs a further modified version of Connections-Reloaded.

    @SilverMaster, Glad you like the theme, do give it a shot.

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  • I notice on Safari and Firefox that the Calender sidebar does not sit correctly. In Safari 1.3.1 the ‘header’ of the Calender is ‘indented’ 5mm from the right. In Firefox 1.0.2 (on Mac) the Calender doesn’t have a line in the top bar. Is there a fix for this?


  • Unfortunately I am not in a position to view the theme on Safari or Firefox on the Mac.

    You seem to be running Connections on your blog above and not Connections Reloaded.

    In the Connections Reloaded the calendar has a faint line at the top.

  • Hi Ajay,

    Yes, I was considering upgrading to your Reloaded version. But the calendar sidebar would be slightly askew to our predominantly Mac using students.

    I have emailed you the screen captures of how it looks.

    Perhaps it a CSS problem. Or the width of the actual calendar contents.

    I wonder if this is the reason that the calendar wasn’t included in the original Connections theme?


  • I have checked out the screenshots. I see it in Firefox the same as you.
    I will see what I can do about making that top header more visible in Firefox.

    However, I will admit that it is badly off in Safari. Probably just a font size problem.

    I think it would be easier at your end if you could install Reloaded and test it by reducing the font-size of the calendar section. I say this because I am not in a position to test in Safari.

  • Newbie to this stuff so…I create an about page, it’s there, but when I click about in the top nav – error 404 – is there some special coding here somewhere? Same goes for other pages in the nav bar…
    Also what plug-ins are you using on this? Can’t find a list.

  • You will need to create pages.
    Goto Write ... Pages in WP-Admin and create a page called About
    Similarly do the same for the other links in the top navbar.

    Ofcourse you can also open header.php and delete the links you don’t want.

  • I’d done that but when I try to link off the home page – 404?

  • Then you can try doing two things.
    1. Check that the post slugs are about, archives etc.

    2. Check if your .htaccess file is writable (chmod 777). Then goto Options … Permalinks and click Update Permalink Structure.
    WP will update your permalinks. If your .htaccess is not writable, you will need to copy and paste the code generated in it.

  • Ajay,

    Why are categories on the sidebar not sorted alphabetically? Can I fix that myself, how?

    I’m getting lots of categories now, I tried movig some under a parent category but after refreshing they are not nested behind a parent category, why?

  • Use <?php wp_list_cats('sort_column=name&optioncount=1, 15'); ?>
    in place of <?php wp_list_cats('optioncount=1, 15'); ?>

    For more information see Template Tags/wp_list_cats

  • Many thanks,

    I used

    It worked except hierarchical doesn’t show, am running WP 1.5.2

  • That is something I can’t seem to figure out.

    Are you sure that they are actually hierarchical.

    You can confirm it by editing a category and checking if the parent is as required.
    Then set it and save.

    You may need to post in WordPress forums regarding this, as the same is working out here on my blog.

  • I am having trouble with aligning/wrapping images. My About page has images that were previously aligned/wrapped under my old theme but now are all left-aligned under this theme.

    Is there a trick to forcing the images to align (right-align, for instance)?

  • Not much of a trick, but you can add this code manually to the style.css file.

    .rightalign {float:right;}

    I have written rightalign because that is what you have used in your about page.

    For left:
    .leftalign {float:left;}

    For center:
    .centeralign {text-align:center;}

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  • Thanks, Ajay. Obviously, I am an amateur at styling pages; apparently, I was using improper tags to begin with.

  • You’re most welcome. Am glad you are using my theme :)

  • Ajay,

    Now I know, in order that children categories are shown there must be at least a post for the parent category. As simple as that, now solved.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Ajay,

    I was wondering if you have a list to hand of other plug-ins that you can recommend to work with your Reloaded? For example I wonder if I should risk running this code for Gallery adaption.

    Also, if it isn’t too much trouble can you tell me where I should adjust the font size for the Reloaded Calender to compensate for the Firefox and Safari header problem?


  • Ajay,

    Just want to share here that I have used FAlbum (at 0.5 now) for connections reloaded which is working beautifully but you have to modify index.php of the theme to make it work, see the forum discussion for this plugin.

    FAlbum is very nice if you are using flickr to store your pictures.

  • @Paul, I think you can run the Gallery Adaption. However, I do urge you to backup anything and everything you are going to change including the files and the database, in case anything goes wrong and then run the adaption.

    For the Reloaded calendar, open up style.css and edit the portion from
    /* Calendar */
    Basically, #wp-calendar part.

    Thanks for the feedback. I have personally not looked at Falbum. Will do so if I can spare some time.

  • Ajay,

    Do you know how to create a name for single Pages like ‘about’ in order to make the URL http://www.exmple.about?

    I’ve been searching the WP codex for ages, but still haven’t found where i am looking for.

  • Goto Manage > Pages > Create New Page

  • How do I add “Links” to the sidebar like they are in the Default theme?

  • <h2><?php _e('Links'); ?></h2>
    $link_cats = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT cat_id, cat_name FROM $wpdb->linkcategories");
    foreach ($link_cats as $link_cat) {
    <li id="linkcat-<?php echo $link_cat->cat_id; ?>"><h3><?php echo $link_cat->cat_name; ?></h3>
    <?php wp_get_links($link_cat->cat_id); ?>
    <?php } ?>

  • Ajay,

    Me again, have you managed to look at sidebar down shift problem when viewed in IE6? I’m still on “reloaded” for you to see this.

  • Hi,
    Sorry didn’t have time to check it out. Just visited your site in IE.

    I think the reason is because of the images in the sidebar not loading. (404 errors)

    Right-click and save them of my site and put them in `wp-images`

    This should solve your problem.

  • Many many thanks Ajay,

    Problem solved, wonder why IE couldn’t fetch images from those sites.

  • Actually you can’t blame IE on this matter. Even Firefox couldn’t fetch them, as they weren’t present.

    However, when IE can’t fetch an image it stretches the image placeholder to include the text in the alt attribute, hence the stretching of the sidebar and it shifting down below the text.

  • ok.. here come the questions :)

    - my side bar is all wonky in IE. It’s properly aligned in FireFox and Netscape, but in IE it starts way down the page… any ideas as to why? I didn’t actually change anything in the formatting.

    – how do I get my gravatars to align right like yours? I have seen this on other blogs, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Do you think you’d be so kind as to share that?

    I love this version of Connections, I have tweaked it a little when it comes to images, but I shall becrediting everyone involved! I am in the middle of working on this, so it doesn’t look all that spiffy yet.

  • To answer your questions:

    1. The sidebar problem is because of missing images in the sidebar causing it to shift down. Save the images from my sidebar and put it into `wp-images` or download v1.2 of the theme which I will be releasing today.

    2. For the gravatars, you will need to add the following code to comments.php
    <img src="<?php if (function_exists('gravatar')) gravatar("", 60); ?>" alt="Gravatar" class="gravatar" />
    just after
    <li class="<?php echo $oddcomment; ?>" id="comment-<?php comment_ID() ?>">

    Add the following to your CSS file.

    .gravatar {
    position: relative;
    float: right;
    margin: 0 0 2px 5px;
    padding: 2px;
    clear: both;
    border: 1px solid #000;
    background: #FFF;

    Note that I am using the WordPress Gravatar Plugin.

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  • Thanks for your help… do I have the Gravatar plug in already, sorry I should have explained that a little better. I just didn’t have it activated yet since I was still messing with the new theme. I was only curious how to get it to the right.. I see the “float: right” tag. That will help!

    OK.. and I’m probably dim, but WHAT images are missing for the side bar to drop like that? I have all the images that came with the theme loaded up, I didn’t delete anything. :( Maybe I’ll just wait for the new relsease. ;)
    Again, thanks so much! (PS – the vanilla sky blog also drops the sidebar in IE for me.. so it’s not just me, hoohah! I feel a little less dim. ;))

  • Seem to have got it working, so please ignore my last comment. :) Thanks again!

  • Your welcome.
    I see you shifted to Connections.

    Anyways regarding the images they are the ones in the meta section. These were distributed with WP at one time I guess, but are not anymore. Anyway, you can right-click and save them of my site if you need them.

  • Um.. yes I did. Sorry about that, I thought I would try the original one just to see if the same thing happened with the sidebar. I was to frustrated to go back. ha! Your help with the gravatar thing was excellent! I bow down before you. Thanks.

  • Lol. All the best with the website.

    Glad to know you got the gravatars running :)

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  • Ajay,

    Great work Ajay! I’m interested in fixing the display issue of nested categories, which particular php file I should be looking at replacing? I have other minor customizations at my site therefore don’t want to mess up too much.

  • It is actually the CSS file. You will need to edit the background property of #sidebar ul ul li and change left to 0 5px

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  • Hi Ajay… i love your theme so much.. best of the best… ;)

    But i have a problem here. i use Falbum to show my photos from But it’s really mess up the sidebar.

    please check here

    how can i fix this problem?

    Thanks you very much Ajay.. ;)

  • Thanks for the compliment KummY.

    I seem to have figured out the problem. I don’t use Falbum, but from what I read and understand from it, your gallery actually links to /wp-content/plugins/falbum/falbum-wp.php

    On studing this code I found that if you create a falbum-wp.php in the connections-reloaded folder you can smoothly integrate it with your website.

    I found this on their forum.

    Simply create a blank file wp-album.php and copy the code from index.php from my theme and paste it in wp-album.php. Now, replace all the content between (and not including) <div id="content"> and &lt/div><div id="sidebar"> with

    <!-- FAlbum Start -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/wp-content/plugins/falbum/falbum.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/wp-content/plugins/falbum/overlib.js"></script>
    <div id="overDiv" style="position:absolute; visibility:hidden; z-index:1000;"></div>
    <?php if (function_exists('fa_show_photos')) fa_show_photos($_GET['album'], $_GET['photo'], $_GET['page'], $_GET['tags'], $_GET['show']); ?>
    <!-- FAlbum End -->

    Please give me feedback if this works, so that I can post about it and make it public.

  • Thanks for your quick reply Ajay.. :D

    i’ve made wp-album.php

    mm.. my question is, where should i put the wp-album.php? i’ve put it in the /wp-content/plugins/falbum/ and in the connections-reloaded folder. But my images dont show at all. The good news is the sidebar works beatifull.. :D

    Thanks for your reply Ajay.. ;)

  • You need to make falbum-wp.php, just rename wp-album.php to falbum-wp.php

    Anyway, I have emailed you the php file which you will need to place in /wp-content/themes/connections-reloaded/

    I had to edit your comment above as it wasn’t being displayed properly.
    Remember while posting all > need to be entered as &gt; while all < need to be entered as &lt;

  • :D:D Ajaayyy… Thank you so muchhh.. :D
    it’s work very well.. thankk you.. thank you…
    thousand thanks a lot to you.. :D :p

    i love the colour of your theme.. such lovely.. so sweet… :p

    off topic: that’s ok Ajay.. mm.. i’m sorry i didn’t know that i had to change the code…

  • You are welcome and thanks for testing it out.

    Will now release this out to the public so that others using FAlbum can benefit from it :)

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  • Ajay,

    I could have contributed if I have read above comments earlier about FAlbum. I was actually running your connections-reloaded v1.1 when I was testing falbum 0.5 so I olvedknew the frustration. I found the solution from a post in the falbum forum, see it here at

  • Loveli theme, too bad it’s not fully localized, we made a fully international version with italina localization at our WordPress Italy Project. But we need to parse the code to add full internazionalization functions in all the theme as Ryan Boren explained at:

    We would be glad to make your them avaiilable in italian if and when you will made it internationalized or later when I will be less busy iI could do it for you.

  • Hi Stefano,

    Internationalizing the theme sounds perfect. Unfortunately it also sounds all new to me.

    I read through what Ryan Boren wrote at the link you posted above, however it’s way over my head :(

    What I do understand is using _e() or __() to display text which needs to be converted right?

    However, where and how exactly do I use load_theme_textdomain() and how do I generate the POT and mo files?

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  • What I do understand is using _e() or __() to display text which needs to be converted right?

    Right functions are used one if the text will be directly printed:

    and the other when the text will be used by a function php:

    However, where and how exactly dtextdomainload_theme_textdomain() and how do I generate thblockquoteandmo files?

    I usually put load_theme_textdomain() in every page that has an tag at start so i’ sureineritheverye included will in erith it. To generate .POpofiles form with you can get .po and .mo i use a shell extensiont as a Unixlike shell extension for Windows (Cygwin), if you plan to internationalize you theme i can do it for you you will have just to distribute the theme with the .pot file, people will localize it generating .po and .mo files using PoEdit (you can easily find it on Google).

    If you plan to internationalize the them i can help you generating stuff, checking the them during the translation in italian fnding problem or rong use of the functions etc, you will have to browse all the files and add the right functions to text… that’s the long and tedious work :)

    If you need help or have any questions better you email me :)

  • Hi Stefano,

    I think the code you posted did not come, seems that WP filtered out the code, prob if it contained < or >

    I understand the tediousness of the work, but it sounds like a good thing to do.

    But, I must warn you that you will need to provide me with a lot of guidance (atleast at the start), because this is something I have never done before!

  • No problem, as I told you, email me when you wanna start and I will give you all the help you need :)

  • Will do that.

    Thanks. :)

    Internationalization shall be a feature in Connections Reloaded 2, a roadmap of which I plan on writing soon.

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  • Hey Ajay,

    I have having problems setting up my archives page. I have tried doing that but it is not working for me. Can you help me with it. I am using this theme (the version previous to this), and I cannot figure out how to set up the archives.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Goto Write > Pages and enter the title as Archives

    From the Page Template drop down box select Archives and publish the post.

  • Got it working finally. Thanks :-)

  • After upgrading to 1.2.1, I’m still getting a couple of errors when my site is viewed in MSIE. I’m rather ignorant when it comes to validating code, so I’m not sure if it’s some of my custom changes or part of the original theme. Does anyone have a clue what these error messages from MSIE mean? What code are they referencing–the stylesheet?

    Line: 2
    Char: 1
    Error: Syntax error
    Code: 0

    Line: 108
    Char: 1
    Error: ‘Style’ is undefined
    Code: 0

  • Hello Fr. Daniel.

    It is a javascript problem that shows up.

    I checked your source code and found Style[0] on that line.

    Now, are you using some kind of plugin that would generate this?

    This is not a theme related issue.

  • Ajay, it was a plugin causing the problem. Thanks for your help. I don’t know what I’d do without all the kind WP users!

  • That’s what we are here for, to help :)

  • Dear Ajay,

    I’m still unable to activate your v1.2 or v1.2.1, tried that at every blog installation I have. I’m fine with v1.1 and have recently added “count down” and “My swicki” at the sidebar, you could have a look there. The Swicki search box turns out very nice. It wasn’t that good looking at other places where I have used other themes.

  • What is the exact error that seems to be thrown up when you are trying to activate 1.2.

    Please dash me an email, will be easier to correspond that over comments here.

  • Sincerely express my thanks here to Ajay, it’s really great fun playing with Connections-reloaded.

    As always, problem solved.

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  • I’m using the Link Category Order plugin to sort my links by custom priority. It requires that I insert get_lco_links_list() where get_links_list() would normally be called. I’ve inserted this in the sidebar template where php wp_get_links($link_cat->cat_id) is but the link formatting changes. I’ve looked at the WordPress documents on template tags and conditional tags but I can’t figure out how to solve this issue. I’d like to keep the theme’s default link formatting but use the plugin to sort the categories.

  • Hi Fr. Daniel,

    I have custom code in the sidebar that displayed the links as they were. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t support the same parameters as wp_get_links and hence there is little you can do about it.

    One option I can suggest is of knocking off <ul> and the </ul> that surround get_lco_links_list()
    i.e. get_lco_links_list() immediately follows the </h2> of Links.

    This will cause the links to split up into sections.

    You could also do restyling in the CSS. But, this isn’t a very easy option.

  • This is a great theme!
    I have one problem though. I have translated the site to Dutch, but I have a problem with comments.php — (unexpected ')' on line 1 — I’ve noticed this happens as soon as I make one little change to the file and save it. I made sure I have no odd characters in there…just changed the text from “No responses” to “Geen reacties”.
    I’ve noticed when I opened the php file in Wordpad, it didn’t show up normal, but all code was on 3 lines. It must have something to do with the format the file was saved in. Is there something I can do to solve this?

  • Use Notepad for editting the files instead of WordPad.

    BTW, I can see your site fine…

  • Ajay, I edited with Notepad and had the same problem. At first I thought it had something to do with the way I transfer files. But if I transfer comments.php unedited it goes fine.
    If I make one single change in notepad (just change Responses into Reesponses, for example), save and ftp, then I get the parse error.
    Maybe you can try to reproduce the error in a test environment following the actions I take?

    You could probably see the site fine because I was/am using the unedited English comments.php

  • I’m still seeing your site correctly with no parse error.

    I can’t seem to figure out why that is happening.

    Are you transferring the php files as ASCII ??

  • Yes, I’m transferring them as ASCII

    I have placed the edited comments.php back, so now you should see it broken “in action” on the site as soon as you navigate to a permalink.

    I have to go for a couple of hours. Thanks for looking into it for me.

  • Ajay, I was thinking, maybe you could email me the comments.php rather than me using the version packaged in the download, to see if that makes a difference.

  • Ajay, thanks again for your help. I was able to get an adequate formatting for the links list by editing the sidebar as you suggested.

  • @w8in, have mailed you the theme. If it gives you an error moment you edit, send my the comments.php that you are modifying and reuploading to your server.

    @Fr. Daniel, great :)

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  • Ajay,

    How can I easily change the image of the connections reloaded theme? Notice that, when viewing the image in the img folder, the “tunnel” image has a frame around it therefore it’s not a simple replacement of that image with the right pixels. Any open sourced application you would recommend to put my image into that frame?

  • Two good applications. One is the GIMP and the other one is PhotoFiltre.

    I’m planning to release a version of the header when I release v2.0.

    There is still time for that however, as my day job has put major time constraints on other development (can’t complain, as it pays me more!).

  • Awesome theme! But I never liked the color scheme so I created my own. Here’s a screenshot if yer interested.

  • Ajay, thanks for all the information you offer here about Connections Reloaded. It did help me fixing my knew WordPress blog and your version of Connections Reloaded that I’m using. It’s great. I succed to integrate a random header Image. And it’s wordkimg very good.

    I still working on falbum and I succed to integrate it in Connections Reloaded v1.2.1.
    The problem is that I can’t fix falbum Recent Photos on the sidebar. See what I get :

    Can you tell me who th do it ?



  • I can see it perfectly in IE, though there is a problem with Firefox, which I can’t seem to figure out.

    I am assuming that it is because you have a div within the li

    I suggest removing the ul and li enclosing the div.

    If you want a similar style then try using creating a class falbum-recent with the same properties of #sidebar ul and/or #sidebar ul li in style.css

  • Hallo Ajay,
    I removed li and ul then added :

    - this code to connections-reloaded/style.css:

    .sb_flickr {
    height: 180px;

    - and this one to the the falbum.css.php:

    .sb_flickr img
    border: 1px solid #ccc;
    padding: 5px;

    .sb_flickr {
    margin-bottom: 10px;

    .falbum-recent {
    height: 180px;

    I get what I want (two columns of recent photos.) only in Opera. But :

    - IE shows only 1 column.
    - problem with Firefox.
    - don’t get the background-color and the sidenav_bottom.jpg.

  • It would be easier to add them all into style.css

    You could have kept the h2 as before, only removed the ul and li.


    .falbum-recent {
    background: url(img/sidenav_bottom.jpg) #F3F6ED no-repeat bottom;
    border: #E1D6C6 1px solid;
    margin-top: 15px;
    padding: 0px;
    text-align: center;
    width: 100%;

  • I’m getting the following message at the end of a protected post that has comments: “This post is password protected. Enter the password to view comments.” I have not seen this before and don’t understand why the comments aren’t showing up. Am I missing something?

  • Your post is protected with a password. Until the password is entered it won’t be displayed.

    Edit your post to remove the password.

  • Ajay, I understand about the protected post. However, even after entering the password to view the post, the message is still showing up. This wasn’t previously a problem and I wonder if it might have something to do with the theme (or something I did to the theme).

  • Try checking this out with the default theme, or check it out on another browser, or get someone else to check it out for you.

    It could be a cookie / browser issue.

  • I’ve checked this in Firefox and IE and have the same problem in both. I switched to the WP default theme and did not have the problem. I thought that I might have flubbed comments.php so I put in a clean copy from the theme download but the problem is still occurring.

  • Fr Daniel,

    I came across this with few other themes, don’t know why. My workaround is that after entering your pwd, click enter if your post doesn’t show trying clicking the post title. I think this is sort of refreshing that post and it will show in most cases. I think this is a cookie issue because you’ll find that next few times you won’t need to enter any password to see pwd protected posts unless you have cookies cleared.

  • sfong, thanks for your help. However, the problem I’m having isn’t that the post is not visible. I CAN view the POST but the COMMENTS that are on the post do NOT show up. Instead, I get the message “This post is password protected. Enter the password to view comments. When I switch to a different theme, the comments are visible. I’ve cleared caches and cookies, used different browsers, etc. and that does not seem to be the issue.

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  • Ajay,
    I’m currently using your theme and checking to add some functionality (mainly WPG2) but I noticed that the archives page was not being picked up. It showed a listing of the “archives” directory and nothing else.

    The page was created as Name: Archives/Template: Archives/slug: archives but wasn’t being picked up. It was weird because others are being picked up correctly.

    After some troubleshooting I figured it out. I used to have a MT installation which went bust, but static files still stayed. The rewrite rules were not being enforced because an archives.html file and archives/ directory still existed.

    I moved archives.html into archives/ and then renamed archives/ to old-archives/ so the rewrite rules worked.

    I know it’s not directly related to your theme but I wanted to share it because others might stumble upon this when creating the archives page. So I’m sharing it. It’s also good because now I know I still have those archived posts there and I can expand the archives template to include the listing of old-archives :)

    Thanks again for the sweet theme. Have you talked with Patricia to join efforts? I know she’s been considering a new version for some time.

  • No I haven’t spoken to Patricia to join efforts. Anyway I think she already is working with someone else, while I’m pretty much of lone coder ;)

    I will see what I can do about WPG2. Maybe test it out on my Demo Blog and/or add it to the v2.0 if successful.

  • Hallo Ajay,
    I can’t get the links page to work (, I get the 404 page.

    Am I missing something?



  • Did you create the links page in your WP-Admin?

    If so update your Permalinks.

  • How can I creat a links page ?

  • Write ... Pages

    Under Page Template select Links

  • Thank you Ajay, I did it. It was so simpel; but I did no know it. I was stupid.

  • Sorry Ajay but I get a problem when trying to instal an wp-email. So I decied to desinstal it when I could no longer have acces to the index of the site. All the other pages work good (expl : contact or links) except with the index where I get an 500 page error. I think that I did someting with my .htaccess file.
    Could you please help me.


  • Sami please contact the author of wp-email regarding this.

    If you feel it is a problem with .htaccess, backup or rename it and create a new .htaccess.

    Please note that this page is exclusively for Connections Reloaded. For other queries you may contact me directly or better still post in the WordPress Forums.

  • I really like this theme. You did a great job. Does it come in 3 column layout?

  • Not yet. Have plans for one.

    Will soon update the roadmap.

    You can subscribe to the posts on connections reloaded to keep in touch with updates.

  • I’m Sorry Ajay for the post. You’re right. And thanks for your help.

  • Sounds good! I will keep an eye out.

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  • no “theme toolkit” inside ?

  • I am considering the toolkit for v2 of the theme.

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  • Hi Ajay, Great theme but I cant seem to get it to work. When i load it all I get when I visit my blog is the text of my blog with no formatting etc. I have created the required pages but still to no avail. I have reinstated the old conections theme in the meantime. Just wondering if you could point out where the problem might be? I have not seem anyone else in your comments with the same problem.
    Thanks in advacen.Ed

  • Hi Edmund,

    It’s hard to see what exactly is the problem without my theme activated.

    Anyway, I kind of understand that the theme doesn’t display, simply text. This would happen if you haven’t uploaded the files properly or if you have a cache problem.

    Try to check your theme on another browser or better still on someone else’s computer.

    If you are game activate my theme and let me know so that I can check it out.

  • Hi Edmund,

    You could be experiencing the same problem I had before, not surprising when people are trying “connections” first then “connections reloaded” and tried to add identifiers to latest versions later. You may have renamed the “connections reloaded” theme folder with a name with space. Apache servers don’t like space in name.

  • Sfong,

    Thanks, that did it. Deleted folder, and uploaded it again making sure that no space in folder anme and all is well. Thanks to both you and Ajay. Great Theme mod.



  • Hi Ajay,

    Sorry about this, but this is my first attempt at making adjustments to wp themes. I am using feedburner to track subscriptions. The address is:

    I looked in the sidebar and was not sure where or what to change to make the image links for the various readers such as rojo etc pick up the feedburner link rather than the blogs rss2 feed.

    I’d appreciate any pointers if thats ok?


  • No problem, just replace <?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?> with your feed url above.

  • Mate, you are a wizard. Thanks very much for your time.



  • Your welcome. Glad to be of help.

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  • I can’t seem to get my archives links (or ay in the topnav) to work properly. I honestly don’t know what to do from here. I’m still new at the whole thing. :)

  • Hi Jenna, please read the install instructions.

    Additionally, please post all support requests in the forum.

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  • How do I get rid of the “Associates” or who links to me box?

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  • i really appreciate this version of connections. i have figured much out with regard to customization, but the two things i would like to remove are the About the Site: & the Calendar.

    I can see the Calendar in the Sidebar file, but i don’t see the About the Site stuff. Can you let me know how to remove it? I see “Currently Browsing” above the Calendar, but that’s not About the Site, so I am confused.

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  • hello i would like to put adsense code at the top left (just after the “white main template”) , can i get some help plz .. what file i need to edit?

    thx lots in advance

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