1000 and rising for SPA Plugin

I’m pleased…. actually very happy that the Snap Anywhere Plugin which I released little over a month back has already crossed 1000 downloads!

However, this is just a fraction of the total signups that Snap has received.

Are you using the SPA Plugin? Do you have any suggestions?

Please post them below or in the support forum. Remember to redirect all support questions to the Support Forum only.

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  1. If one could define the following parameters with an array of values, it would be fantastic:

    onlydivs – these would be an array of divs that you only want to show the snap previews in.

    excludedivs – these would be an array of divs that you only want to show the snap previews in. excludedomains.

    excludedomains – this would be an array of domains you always want to exclude.

    I was going to try to do this but haven’t had the opportunity.

  2. 🙂

    Very time consuming and I don’t get much from it. I wish I did get a few donations but well, people don’t always donate.

    Its just a little popularity. But it is great to give to the community.

    I got quite a few more plugins planned. Don’t tell anyone.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Doug.

    I’m already planning on implementing the excludedomains.

    I’ve gotta do a bit of brushing up to figure out the excludedivs and includedivs features you asked.

    I’m also waiting to see what the SPA developers are working out. I hear a release is on the verge sometime soon.

    Lets see what I can put together, afterall SPA is my top running download (wrt time)

  4. Congratulations! If you really wanted to drive more traffic, you should include a guide on how to stop it appearing over selected content (especially ads!) like you walked me through.

    There are a lot of big bloggers who won’t touch Snap because they fear it will hit them in the pocket

  5. @EB,
    thanks for the suggestion. I will get down to working on a tutorial. Will put it on Techtites.

    I will have to try to enchant the big bloggers.

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