2 days on the bike!

Gave my proposed bike trip to work a trial run yesterday and today and decided that this is the best way to travel to work.

It takes me around 45 min in the morn and around 1.5 hours in the evening to reach there, with me saving nearly 1.5 hours on an average everyday and a good amount of cash as well as bike being more convenient, leaving me with time for more, like blogging today and meeting up with pals.

Yesterday after work I met up with the Kavitas. Was gifted a really cool tie as my birthday present. Had paratha dinner at their place itself, cooked by KD.

Reached home by 10 and went off to bed immediately.

Decided to take the bike to work today as well and was there again before the bus. The ride is very comfortable and not at all tiring. For some reason the bus used to really tire me out and riding my bike gives me a total high:grin:

Was home today by 7.30 inspite of meeting Cloreisha for around 10 min at Seepz and being stuck in a horrid traffic jam starting from my church right upto Green Fields (which my mom informed me later was because of road blocks, on a narrow road, setup by the police). My navigating skills on the Pulsar were tested to their max here and I did pretty well if I should say so myself.

I’m in two minds of taking my bike tomorrow as well, since I have already paid for the bus for this month. Will need to work out the maths before I make my decision.

On the work front, my project continues. I am ahead as per the schedule of the project, but I got a long way to go to complete it. Fingers crossed.

On a bright note, we will be getting our salaries in a few days:O

Now I will go continue my Sunday movie, which I had to leave half-way.

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