2000 + 10 days = 3000

Snap Preview AnywhereTM is definitely one of the new and extremely popular things to have hit the internet lately.
And with the integration with WordPress.com they have definitely had a major jump in websites that will be serving SPA.

For users of WordPress.org my plugin seems to be serving well. I’ve had over 1000 downloads in the last ten days and I’m here reporting that Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin has now crossed 3000 downloads within just two months of its release 🙂

Are you using the plugin? Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

Tell me about them here or in the support forum.

However, please ensure all support questions go only there.

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  1. You’re becoming famous Ajay.

    Is it possible to make the Snap window a bit bigger?
    Just a question, not a suggestion.

    You know i love your plugin no matter what.

  2. @Binny, good writeup, I commented.

    @Carol, I believe Snap is working on better user options including the preview size, so stay tuned. You won’t need to do anything to your site.

  3. I wouldn’t think i have to do anything on my blog to make the window bigger. But it would be cool if i could do that….like 2 times and 3 times bigger.

    For example, Snap should have a option menu where i can set that for my readers who go over tons of link on my blog.

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