2004 in Retrospect

It’s December 31, 2004; the last day of the year. Tonight will be a solemn mass followed by the regular year end celebrations.
As usual, I sit down and think about the year that was.

2004 has been a very rollercoaster year for me. By God’s grace, I had fewer downs than ups.

Began the year with good cheer when I got my Larsen & Toubro appointment letter on Jan 2.

This was followed by an immediate down as I met with an accident on my parent’s anniversary 🙁

An up again in Feb, when we won the Second Place for our Steganography paper.

Then came a major low when my seventh sem results were out. Was totally shocked by them:O

Mid-March had a tour of L&T. This was the first time we were in the company as employees. Were really amazed by what we saw and awaited anxiously for the day we would join the company.

On the computers front I made good progress, when I won the EzThemes Graphics award and when my theme on Lord of the Rings hit the 100th mark for the Theme of the Day Award.

Another up followed in March when we won the Technical Paper Presentation at Fr. Agnel’s and yet again in our college.

Got myself a new mobile number in May. Quite a good time to switch, since I was passing out of college and getting into the “real world”. Besides, I shifted to a billing plan.

Began June by getting myself a brand new bike. My beloved Flame entered my life on July 4th and I also managed to get her blessed by His Lordship Bishop Percy Fernandes. Sold my old Kinetic as well.

July 9: An important day as it was the first day at Larsen & Toubro.

Also officially became an Electronics Engineer when I got my results. My average got a good boost as well as the results were way too cool.

Had a grand birthday party. (grander than the previous two). Comes once in a year, so lets enjoy 🙂

October was a great month, well not many events, except the arrival of my brand new PC. Got a really high end piece, and even upgraded it:O

My department got fixed soon afterwards (well I just continued to be in Design). Well, loved the job and decided to stick with it. Also made my second trip to Lonavala. The first was during the Orientation program in July.

November brought with a major calamity. My building caught fire; actually just the staircase, but this meant dirty walls for Christmas.

That brings us to December. December is a month I always wait for, not because it’s the end of the year, but because being Christmas month, it is usually good fun. I wasn’t disappointed.
Began the month with the Goan Association get-together. Later decorated all my office comps with Christmas Wallpapers, launched a new greetings site, had a great Christmas and got myself a new cellphone. But, I also got myself ill for the third time in two months. Still have a bad cough and I am going to sing for New Year:O

Went off for a shave today and my barber asked me if I look back to 2004 with happiness or sorrow. Looking back, I can see that despite the downs in my life, I have had a great year. Have done really well academically, started of work in an amazing company, have made so many new friends (though I did lose many), watched an amazing amount of movies:O and generally had a ball of a time.

Tomorrow, we begin 2005, and I hope and pray that it will be as good a year as 2004 was. Amen.

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