That’s what my MBA Semester 1 GPA reads.

And, due to rules of the university, I cleared my Financial Accounting paper… which means no stars on my transcript!

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  1. Still waiting for mine, results declared… but they only said pass or fail 🙁
    All I know is that I passed.

  2. @CypherHackz,

    I wish it was that easy. Our GPA is calculated relative to the class average and not the highest scorer, which makes scoring really difficult.

    @Elroy, how is the score calculated out there?

  3. Hey AJ..no worries dude..Im sure u shall cross the 3..just a lil more hardwork…as simple as singing ek do teen 😀
    All the best!!

  4. It is not exactly like the system followed in the US. The GPA is out of four, but from what I read. Our grades are unfortunately our grades are more absolute.

  5. and they got angry with us elder sisters for telling them to study harder..!! 😉

    Hugs anyway darling, am sure things will be better!

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