300 – Prepare for glory!

Had seen the poster of 300 more than a month back and decided that it would be a good movie to watch then.

It completely slipped my mind until my pals in the area suggested going for it.

Based on Frank Miller’s comic, 300 tells the story of King Leonidas leading 300 Spartans against the mighty Persian army numbering well over 100,000 led by the tyrant Xerxes.


If you went expecting an epic, or if you went expecting a movie with a thrilling storyline then you would come away disappointed.

But, if you went expecting pure gore, tales of valour and sacrifice then 300 will not disappoint you at all.

The entire movie was shot in just 60 days, but the editting took over a year and it clearly shows. The graphics in the movie are spectacular and the slow motion scenes really take the cake.

This is one movie you have to watch on the full screen with surround sound.

Word of advice: Don’t take your girlfriend for this one!

Rating: 7.5/10

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  1. Ah.. My bro told advised me for this movie, but I wasted my bucks on Hatrick!

    Damn.. I’ll go check this out (today)

  2. @Ajay, what a movie man!! Superb..!! Since i am an action movie fan, i luved it..! cant say the same abt my friends..couple of them couldnt even watch the whole thing. But truly excellent cinematography! 🙂
    Ajay have u seen Departed??? If ur expecting fast paced, thrill with a bit of frill..n a gud storyline, u gotta catch martin scorcese’s classic..!!

  3. @MAD Besides History, Geography and the Arts. We have to develop the Left and the Right Brain

  4. @Ajay, yup exactly Leo has come a long way! so u thru with this years oscar nominated movies?? me hv a long list to clear..just saw babel, devil wears prada, departed, blood diamond! many more to go..

  5. @Lancy, they mention Darius in the movie, because it was Darius who actually started expanding his kingdom. Xerses carried on his father’s work.

    @Thilak, so have you watched it yet?

    @MAD, Well, you can always watch the movie and give me your inputs 😛

    @Luna, I watched Departed long back… I still can’t believe it’s the same Leo who acted in Titanic!

    @hthth, thank you… and I guess MAD will be happy with this feedback.

  6. a) Pan’s Labrynth
    b) Little Miss Sunshine
    c) Little Children
    d) Notes on a scandal
    e) Letters from Iwo Jima
    f) Children of Men
    g) Flags of our Fathers
    h) Cars/ Happy Feet
    i) Volver
    j) The painted veil
    k) Dreamgirls
    l) Pursuit of Happiness
    m) The Queen
    n) Last king of Scotland
    p) United 93

  7. @Baron, Computer generated gore…

    @Luna, Watched them all… 😀

    Gimme a list so that I can see if I missed anything.

  8. Watched it – was a great flick. Went with my Dad and a buddy… great visual movie. A bit shallow on plot depth & character development, but that is just one man’s opinion. Otherwise – the visuals were stunning!

  9. err..typo error! regret the same! 🙁 actually hit the submit button before reading what i wrote! 😉

  10. My sister says it’s great. But in Malaysia, they rated this movie as 18PL, and as I’m only 16, I can’t go for it. Is it only Malaysia rate it as 18PL?

  11. I’m not sure what the rating was out here. Haven’t bothered looking at them for a long long time 😉

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