50GB gone… :(

Well it’s gone and now it’s official.

My earlier estimation of 20GB infact is 50GB.

Well after three days of keeping it and trying out file recovery software, I came to the conclusion it wasn’t worth trying so hard as I wasn’t able to recover anything useful.

So have just gone back to square one, which is a few years in the past, and have started redownloading a lot of stuff I need.

Thankfully I only lost a lot of software and not my important site work, so that can be fixed.

A sign that I need to backup more often and a sign that it was high time I cleaned up!!

Lesson learnt, the hard way 🙁

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One comment

  1. ooops… gosh you must be really feeling awful!

    Chal, your poor friend will buy you a pani puri to make you feel better 🙂

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