75% MBA

As I mentioned, I returned to SCMHRD, rather reluctantly I must say. Spent the entire day catching up on blogging and finally got down to finishing the synopsis for the Finance paper before retiring to bed. Realized I had forgotten one of my hard disks in Mumbai itself, which means a good amount of entertainment awaits my return.

Friday was lecture day. It began with a four hour lecture (which got cut short to two) of Strategic Marketing and this was followed by an Advances in SCM lecture.

Dinner on Friday night was at McDonalds when a whole bunch of us headed out there. The normally freezing AC at the place was off to give us warmth from the cold winter outside 🙂

Spent Saturday as well working on my blog. I’ve started the Plugin Review series at WLTC and it’s been met with a great response! This time I will reviewing plugins weekly. If you’re a WordPress plugin developer then submit your plugins.

Saturday evening was spent working on the Advances in SCM project. I still have to complete the presentation. Today is reserved for that. Dinner on Saturday was at Fasoos with Sneha only, since everyone else was out of college, so to speak.

Similarly, Sunday was the Research and Reporting day as well as tomorrow. SIIB had their annual festival spreading across Saturday and Sunday and Sunday night was the rock show featuring Parikrama. So, the entire evening was filled with their music. Except for But it Rained, I’m not a big fan.

As for the title of this post. We received our third semester results on Saturday. I’ve cleared all subjects and hence the title of this post. CGPA is a 2.7 which is good enough this semester 🙂

One last semester to get through and yours truly is an MBA.

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  1. I must congratulate you on your efforts, especially combining the two. Do let us know the outcome. MBA will definitely propel your future. All the best.Monica

  2. hey thats really great you are blogging while you study. you must be getting some earnings which can help you in study. best of luck with your study as well as blogging.

  3. 3 down, 1 more to go. 2.7 is not bad for a guy who is involved in blogging and plugin developing plus doing full time masters. Wish you get 3.0 above next sem. All the best!

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