A Busy Day

Just returned home from a long and tiring day.

Awoke this morning with a tremendous pain in my left side. My left arm still hurts badly and I realized that there are other places which hurt now.

Anyways, my close friend Nikhil picked me up for the 17th Intel Conference which was held at the IIT, Powai at around 7.45 am. Thankfully he brought his car along so the ride was comfortable 🙂

We reached there to find that our names, along with other IEEE Bombay Section students’ names, not on the list. However, the people there were very helpful. We contacted a prof who solved our problem within a short while.
A real funny event occured then. A seperate desk was kept for us and when I went to register my name there, the person stopped in thought. He tells me suddenly that he has made my badge and it is with the rest. I went and actually found it. That’s when we realized that though the badges were made, the name wasn’t on the list. When I asked him how he remembered, he tells me that my name is uncommon so he remembered.

To go on, we sat for the first and sessions of the tutorials. We were posted for seperate tutorials, which was good as we can exchange our material now. By the way, my tutorial was called “Physical Design Trends & Layout Fault Modelling“, which was concerned with making chips in the simple sense. However, the second session went total bouncer 🙁

Next followed lunch at GulMohar, a resteraunt in IIT itself, with extremely delicious food and even better desert (gulab jamuns and ice cream).

I left for college immediately in order to get back for a meeting with the VP and other HoD’s, which I couldn’t make in time. However, we did sit and finalized the skeleton and menu system. So I got a lot of work in the next few days, as I finalize the layout and design in time for my friends to return from their picnic on the 9th to take over the reins.

I must mention however, that sadly, we won’t be going to the Renaissance. Only the conference will be held there, for which we would have to pay a bomb 🙁

Met Seema later and went over to her place to watch Alisha‘s Communion Video (which I have with me now) 🙂

Went to Nandita‘s place later, as she needed consultation wrt to a website she and her friend want to launch.

Finally got back home and here I write.

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