A Fun-filled Saturday

These holidays have been really great fun and today is yet another day added to the list.

Needed to pickup the speakers from Melody‘s place and I was lucky to get Madam A to help me bring them back.

Met Madam A at Andheri station and must admit, she looked really cute in her skirt. We went to her place first to drop off her bag and to let her change into jeans, as she kept screaming that she would fall off the bike if she sat sideways:O

Went off to Bandra after that and Madam A finally met Melody. Thankfully, I had work to do there, and so they weren’t able to gang up too much against me!

Melody has got Madam A to write some articles on Mother Mary for Glorify-God.com, which is really cool. I am sure Anj will do a great job at it:grin:

Just as we were about to leave (a lot later than expected!), Melody suggested taking pictures of my baby (the bike not Anj).

Took quite a few snaps of the bike and few with Anj on it as well. Will post them when I get them from Melody 😀

Had a really fun journey back home on the bike. I hit 80 and Madam A freaked so much that she punched me on the back;)

Dropped in at U. Conrad‘s place to drop off the speakers before I dropped her home.

Had choir practice at 8pm today for tomorrow’s 9.30am mass. Paid the money for next Sunday’s picnic. Dropped Amita home on my way back (no place in the car I guess 😉 )

Come home and see the net down (which is becoming a regular issue now). It’s finally up and so am here blogging…

Another great day. I hope I have a lot more of these in the days to come:smile:

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