A great way to start the week

Monday morning is usually “rush to college” morning. However, being Eid, it was “stay at home” morning.

The morning started normally (read boring as usual) and I decided to watch another movie from my amazing collection. After browsing through a few, I finally settled on Sweet November. Why? ‘Cause I saw Keanu Reeves in it. I wasn’t disappointed.

Nelson (Keanu) is a man devoted to his advertising career in San Francisco, and one day, he takes a couple of hours off, rare for him, to go to take a DMV test, where he meets Sara (Charlize Theron), a woman very different from the one´s he has known all his life, and because of his fault she fails the test and won’t be able to drive for another month. So later that day she tracks him down so he can pay for what he did, and then makes him spend a month of his life that will change the lonely, workaholic in him forever.

Later on, Madam A called to find out if I could write a cd for her. The catch: I had to take my writer to her place. Bad one, since I hate shutting down my pc, especially since I always have something on download. Anyways, I found out that Sudesh had his old 4x and so I picked it up from him.

A one hour job actuall turned out to be a 5 hour job, due to various reasons and in the end, I didn’t use his writer but brought their matter back to my place and used my own writer. However, I must say that the 5 hours were real fun meeting Madam A’s collection of friends, who are as comical as her (she’s gonna kill me if she reads this. But does she 😉 )

I did walk Madam A home and had a nice entertaining talk with her to top off the day.

A good beginning to an hopefully great week!

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