I won’t give a detailed explanation of my weekend, but just provide a short description.

Saturday was a kinda long day. Helped Melody and her family to setup their Christmas tree and decorations. These people start early. It also happened to be her mom’s b’day, so I wished her.
Also worked on Glorify-God.com to finalize certain details.

Sunday, was also at Melody’s place. She had a “Chicago” party where, we setup a big screen, with projector and dvd player! Elvis, Delilah & Warren were also present along with me, Melody and Simone. It was truely an awesome experience, watching that fantastic movie on a large screen.
Then four of us went for a walk to Reclamation, returned back and I came home.

A great news is that Glorify-God.com is finally online 🙂
Check it out in the new design. Lots more changes to come, however all this after my exams.

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