A Month at SCMHRD

It’s been almost a month since my last post. And it just goes to show how tied up MBA life has kept me. Based on feedback from seniors this is going to be the case for atleast another two or so months.

A lot has happened since then, and I’ll just be summarizing a few of the main events in this post.

To begin with, we had our foundation course exams. Principles of Management is a sure flunk, and that’s the case of most of the batch.

My maths paper ended up with hundreds of silly mistakes and clearing this seems to be a bleak possibility.

The financial accounting paper was an objective one of which we got the results the same day. Passed!

The other papers seems to be a case of pass as of now, so lets see how that goes. Results are out any of these days.

Aditya wanted to pick up his laptop from his uncle’s place in Mumbai, so I accompanied him on a Monday. It was a quick stopover at my place to pick up more clothes. Our laundry guy is quite a pain in the neck and take a long time to give the clothes. I’ve started washing all my clothes including the shirts and pants by myself.

The next event on the list was Milaap. Milaap is the “welcoming” session that juniors throw for seniors. It is supposed to be a cultural event, something I keep my hands out of.
Was asked to design the online invitation and send it out to all the faculty and staff, which I did. Was then called on to bring the costumes from Pune. Akshat and Gunjan accompanied me on this journey. It was my first trip to Pune, though I didn’t see much of it. Got two whole years for that, though I prefer getting back to Mumbai if I have time.

Last week also saw our very first FCQ, which is a Fortnightly Conducted Quiz. All we are told is the date and timings of the FCQs. We come to know about the exam only when we sit for it. The two exams were ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Basics of Economics. Got the result for the first today, scored an 18 on 20, which is a good start.

I’m also in the Website committee working to rebuild the SCMHRD Website.

SCMHRD Life continues now. Until next time. Do comment if you have any experiences.

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  1. Good to see you back agian – I was starting to wonder what happened to you 🙂

  2. Hello Ajay,
    It’s great to know that you’ve made it to SCMHRD.
    MBA life doesn’t allow you to stay a geek. 🙂

    Enjoy your stay there at SCMHRD.
    Looking for some action from you.

  3. Hi Dear,
    wow!!! So lots of fun and masti with both studies and partying..
    While reading your post, my own college days starts revolving around me..
    Those were days to enjoy life fully..
    Good wishes and take care..

  4. Glad to see ya back:) Congraculations for passing exams, i hope you will pass remaining ones too. Good luck:)

  5. @Sunil, Thanks for the wishes, the only action so far is all around SCMHRD.

    @Shruti, How long back was it??

    @green, thanks for the wishes. results are trickling through, so far so good.

  6. Cool, thanks.

    We don’t have net in the junior hostels yet. Some of the rooms in the senior hostel get the Wifi connection. Most of us have Reliance or Tata USB cards

  7. Glad to see that you are back Ajay! MBA seems to be keeping your hands full..
    I was wondering how would the workload lessen after a few months?

  8. Hi,

    I am new here. Good luck with your study and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the snap plugin. Just got it all in place at the blog. Lovely!!!

  9. @Shine, Glad to know the plugin suits your purpose.

    @Vijay, Well, “back” is not the right word to use. The load lessens as the assignments will lessen.

  10. BTW, I completed my MBA two years. Believe me, you’ll miss the hectic days.


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