A really secluded Planet called Veggie

I seldom post negative reviews on my blog but this place was such a turn off that I won’t even keep a more link in this post! Also, I haven’t used expletives in this post though I was very tempted to do so.

Planet Veggie happens to be a restaurant in 24 Karat. While I really liked the theatre, the restaurant really sucked.

Being primarily a non-vegetarian, the only reason I visited the restaurant was because of the food coupons (100bucks isn’t a small sum).

We decided to order ice-creams, since the rest of the menu wasn’t really tempting.

We waited for more than 10 minutes for the waiter to take our order, which was just a glimpse on how crappy the service was. I decided not to leave a tip because of this. X(

When the waiter did finally come to take our order we find that many of the ice creams on the menu were not available. Why put a damn thing on the menu if you don’t sell it ! X(

We finally order a dull vanilla with Chocolate topping ice cream and a chocolate milkshake.

After paying Rs.45 for this we expected it to have a decent portion but found the quantity to be really minute X( (It’s free, so no complaining?)

And then I had to wait another 10 minutes before the waiter brought us the bill. We just dropped the coupons there and walked off.
If the coupons were redeemable as a tip, then he got himself 10 bucks for the crappy service.

I also realized that it wasn’t just me who had a problem as another set of people on another table were also served the wrong dish. They asked him to take it back.

I guess this place really needs to go back to the basics on serving their customers or I am sure they are going to get quite a few dirty reviews like this and maybe even worse ones.

As for now, I think I may post a review on Mouth Shut when I get the time.

To summarize:

  • Definitely not value for money as the prices are steep and the portions are negligible.
  • Service is miserable as we wasted a good amount of time just waiting to give our order and receive our bill
  • Many of the dishes on the menu are not available, which just goes to show how ill planned they are
  • The menu looked rather shabby as it has a lot of stickers all over it blanking out dishes and modifying prices

Well I’m really stunned that a theatre as good as 24 Karat had such a lousy restaurant like Planet Veggie. I’m definitely not stepping foot in that place again, until I read a better review of it.

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  1. I can understand how you must have felt. I recently blogged about a couple of restaurants in Bangalore myself. The award for the most ridiculous service goes to Coffee Day.

  2. I’m very selective about the Coffee Day I visit. Just have one in Bandra, Mumbai that I visit regularly.

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