A tiring week so far…

It’s just the start of the week, but it seems like a long long time.

Went to Sidharth‘s place on Sunday afternoon to drop in his GTA2 maps and to collect some stuff.

Monday was a hectic day at work. Had to give a demo on one of the projects I have been assigned for. Worked, but not perfectly and there were glitches in the software. So mailed my DL who had designed the project but is currently away in the USA.

James and co made a sudden plan to watch Dhoom on Monday night and so in 15 minutes I had to reach CineMagic for the 9.45pm show. We did miss the good half hour of the movie, because as usual the girls were late.

Dhoom turned out to be a really hilarious movie, not because it was a comedy, but because of scientifically impossible stunts in it. Besides, it was a copy of way too many movies. Had a good time however laughing through the entire movie.

Didn’t feel like going home, so after the movie, we dropped the girls and A. Kay home and then James, Ferman and I met up with Austin around 1am and went on our bikes for a early morning ride to the airport and back.
Was real great fun, as we cruised along only at 30 and chatted all the way. And the planes and lights do look great.
Got home only at 2am and so slept late into Tuesday morning.

Spent Tuesday with me, which was good, as I didn’t really get the opportunity for it in a long time.

Today, Wednesday, began like any other day. Went off to the ATM to deposit a check and realized it was the wrong check.

Got to work and began bug sorting on the project. We have ironed out all the bugs in the software and it seems to be working fine.

Today is Mother Mary’s feast, Parish inauguration feast and Madam A‘s birthday. Won’t be able to go for mass cause of work.

Another day in the bag. Many more to go…

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