A Week in Pune and it’s Mumbai again

After a good long party, I went off to watch The Day the Earth stood Still on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday were relatively lighter days. Went off to McDonalds for dinner on Thursday. Was so exhausted, that I just crashed after coming back.

Friday was lecture day with me attending a Strategic Marketing class. The strategic marketing class so far has been filled with cases which makes studying a pleasure. I hate subjects that require us to learn by rote and vomit it out at the exam. While theory is necessary, it is important that there are a good number of cases.

The internet connection at college has been as terrible as ever. The experiments by the network folks are a massive failure and we are starved for a decent connection at one the finest business schools!

Spent all of Thursday coding. I’ve worked on upgrading Connections Reloaded to the next version. I have submitted the same for approval at the theme repository. Given the current controversy, I’m sure this approval process is going to be a while.

I also released updates for three of my plugins, viz. Open Picture Window, Add to Feed and Auto-Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks yesterday.

Ohh, as for Mumbai, I came back here late Friday night. Was accompanied by a friend who had some personal work out here. We have painting going out at our place in time for Christmas which requires me to spend a while at home. Have some plans for the next few days. Will let you know how it goes.

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