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A week of experiences

Life is all about experiencing new things, and this week has been one such week.

I wont give a detailed account of every single day, but just an overview of them all.

Monday was a pretty normal day. I continued work on the SRS for my project.
I was also informed that the bus rates have been increased to Rs. 1300. I spend almost 100 bucks a day on travelling now. I’m waiting for the monsoons to get over, before I can take my bike to work. A long ride, but definitely a great saving.
Nikhil (my senior at LnT) treated the Andheri bus folks to samosas as it was his birthday on the 8th.

Had choir practice in the evening and discussions continued on when to have the combined birthday treat.

Wednesday was a day of experience for us.

Due to heavy rains and traffic problems at Saki Naka we decided to take a “short” cut through Marol and then Seepz. Were we in for a surprise:O

At Marol Pipeline, where the road has been bad, was more than knee-deep water for a good stretch. Cars had to be pushed through as they couldn’t drive through the water. We did get through the water, but in the process the bus’ clutch-plate burned off completely and so we couldn’t accelerate at all. Our driver managed to get the bus almost till the MIDC Police Station, and we had to walk it out from there. Add to it, since it was the BEST bus strike, getting a rickshaw became impossible and so I just walked it home from there. A good halfhour journey by the end of which, I was totally exhausted:((

Thursday started out to be a great day, when a new bigger bus came to pick us up in the morning. We have been expecting a bigger bus and so expected this to be it. Morning journey to work was very comfortable. I slept a good bit.
But then another surprise, when we got the small bus come pick us up in the evening.
A bigger surprise was when the bus turned at JB Nagar, instead of coming towards Chakala. Luckily we got a rick and so I didn’t have to do a great deal of walking! All these events are compelling me to get my bike.

Friday was a very mentally exhausting day as I had to put on my thinking cap as I had to work on the algoritms for the various tasks that my program will perform. I did end up doing a lot of work, but was really fatigued by the end of it.
Despite this, work has been real fun. I know I am working on a very critical application and that gives me a great feeling of trust and responsibility. I just want to live up to it. I am also learning a lot and my brain will not go stagnant.

At choir practice, I was told that the party will be held on the 19th, because 20th is a public holiday. What my dear friends forget is that being at a company like mine, we don’t get these so called “public” holidays.

My weekend plans are very undecided. But I always end up doing something.

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