Accepted by Chitika


After a long time I have been accepted into the Chitika eMiniMalls program and as a result you would have seen the advertisement at the start of posts on the blog (look above).

I’m still figuring out the best place to put this so give me sometime. There is a lot of optimization too that needs to be done to get the best out of this program. Will get down to reading about it soon.

If you are running a website with atleast 10,000 pageviews a month then you too can join the program.

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9 thoughts on “Accepted by Chitika”

  1. Hey Ajay,

    I just came across your post here, I just wanted to let you know that right now, the Chitika team is offering free optimization tips for all memebrs on our forum.. today is the last day for this! so submit your request now here.

  2. Hi Karla,

    I already posted in the forum. The ad below is a suggestion I got there. I’m gonna work on all this all the more to see how things work out.

  3. I signed up before I knew you Thilak.

    Remember I told you they rejected me. I guess it was in their database all the while. I was accepted when I submitted a support request with all my old details.

  4. i already have chitika account but many my site visitors are from malaysia and malaysia is not supported by chitika. so if they click on the ads, the clicks will not be counted. hurm..

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