Accounting Expert!

Having successfully completed all my field assignments, my next step was to tackle the Accounts Assignment.

Being and engineer by profession, accounts is pretty much alien. But, it helps to have a brother who is an Accounts Major. So enlisted his help to take me through accounts ini a super crash course… I partially crashed, but when I got down to working the assignments, things started to simplify.

We have to form a company and create two different product lines and locations and then think up transactions and based on them make the journal, ledger, profit and loss account and the balance sheet.

The transactions were a pain, but the journal was real easy. The ledger was a bit of a problem, and I ended up with quite a few mismatched columns which I found out when the trial balance didn’t tally (both the times). Finally got down to doing the last two and I was done, but not before two exhausting days.

Well, my assignments to submit are done for now, and all I have to do is pack and study, the process of which has started.

With just two days or so to go now, there is the sudden urgency to settle a lot of stuff and that also has been eating up a good amount of my time.

Meetings with a few friends are left, which may or maynot happen. Met up with Rhea today for lunch.

Gave the bike for servicing today and will pick it up tomorrow.

Two days… counting down!

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  1. Accounting is indeed a pain. I am also an Engineer and had painful accounting experiences during the MBA 🙂


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