Add to All v1.4.0

I’ve updated my handy plugin Add to All in the repository and existing users should be able to update this plugin from within the dashboards.


In the latest version of the plugin, I have included a few placeholders for more dynamic texts.

  • %home_url% – This will add the link to your site or the current site for multisite. You can wrap this text in an anchor tag to create a link to your site as needed
  • %year% – current year
  • %month% – current month. Displayed as January to December
  • %date% – today’s date
  • %first_year% – year of first blog post. This is useful if you’d like to display a copyright notice to show the starting year

For those who need more placeholders, you can creating a function filtering ata_placeholders. The filter accepts an array in this format:

$placeholders = array(
	'%year%'       => date( 'Y' ), // A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits.
	'%month%'      => date( 'F' ), // January through December.
	'%date%'       => date( 'j' ), // Date - 01 to 31.
	'%first_year%' => ata_get_first_post_year(),
	'%home_url%'   => get_home_url(),

Detailed list of changes in Add to All v1.4.0

  • Features:
    • Deleting the plugin on WordPress Multisite will remove the settings from all blogs
    • Use %home_url%, %year%, %month%, %date% and %first_year% to display the URL for a given site, current year, current month (text), current date and year of first blog post respectively. You can add more replacement terms by creating a function filtering ata_placeholders
  • Modifications:
    • Deprecated ald_ata_header(), ald_ata_footer(), ald_ata_rss()
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug with displaying the credit line in feed

Download Add to All v1.4.0

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