Ajax Edit Comments now with Move Comments feature

Ronald has been working to make your favorite plugin even better. After the release last week which added support for deletion requests from your visitors, a brand new feature that allows the admin to move their comments from one post to another.

When you are viewing a post, you can hit the Move button.

You have three options of finding the post you want to move the comment to. One of them is to Move by Title, the other is Move by ID and the last is Move by Post.

Move feature of Ajax Edit Comments

The Move by Title allows you to search the titles of the posts and then select the post you want to move it to. The Move by ID allows you to enter the ID of the post you want to move the comment to. The Move by Post allows you to select from among the latest posts.

So, what do you think about this feature? If you notice any bugs, so let us know.

Download Ajax Edit Comments. Remember to send a donation to Ronald.

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  1. You were reading my mind!! I was literally 5 minutes from searching for a way to do this. This is becoming a critical comment function. I’m so glad you are working on this.

    You asked for bug reports, so I have several:

    1. Trying to cancel by clicking the red X does not work.
    2. The move comment dialog box takes up the entire window (assume you were trying to make it small and centered like your other dialog boxes)
    3. Oh yeah, it doesn’t work! 🙁 No matter which way I try to move a comment, it simply \”greys out\” the Move button, and nothing else happens.

    I’m using the latest version of WPMU.

  2. ughh, this seems to be a problem I brought upon myself by messing with the formatting. not sure why it wouldn’t work but after more format tweaks it seems to work again.

  3. ok guys, I think this is a \”real\” report, on the new \”request removal\” feature:

    1. When an unregistered commenter tries to request removal of a post that has not yet been approved, the error message says \”Request failed\” without explanation. It probably should say \”Sorry, you can’t request deletion of a post that has not yet been approved.\” Otherwise, admins are going to get dozens of \”why can’t I request removal\” emails in their inbox.
    2. The bigger question is, why not? Why not let them request removal of a post that has yet to be moderated? This will make moderating the post a lot easier…
    3. When the request fails, the plugin falls back to the open \”request removal\” popup window and you have to click the red x to exit. It would be better if the popup dismissed itself after failure of request (again, a moot point if you go with allowing unregistered users to request removal of an unapproved comment).
    4. When a removal request is successful, the comment just disappears without explanation. Ideally the user would be told \”Thanks, your request was received and will be reviewed shortly.\”

    • Hi Kestrel,

      When a user requests removal, the comment moves to the moderated queue, hence the \”request failed\”.

      But, yes it can be worded better.

      I’ll pass this on to Ronald and look into it myself. We can try implementing some of the suggestions above.

      • thanks!! also to clarify, actually you only get the \”request failed\” error if the comment is in need of moderation. if an unregistered user is \”trusted\” and the post is automatically approved, you get the other situation (post disappears without \”success\” message, leaving user wondering exactly what happened).

        Anyway thanks to you and Ronald for this plugin which is becoming more useful at light speed and in unexpected ways!

      • Do yourself a favor and fix your wp-ajax-edit-comments too. Wouldnt be bad if you were a little more communicative about this issue and WARN those who have installed it as well.

        • Guys – thanks so much for the quick fix. Sounds like there may be an additional vulnerability in wp-ajax-edit-comments?

          It’s too bad WP doesn’t have an \”urgent plugin update\” function that puts a notification at the top of the admin page (or maybe it does??). I’m sure this kind of thing happens a lot with other plugins.

        • Your site is still vulnerable: ttp://ajaydsouza.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-ajax-edit-comments/php/move-comment.php?action=%22%3E%3C/input%3E%3Cdiv%20style=position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:2000px;height:1000px;background-color:black;font-size:120px;color:red;%3ETHIS%20SHOULD%20NOT%20BE%3Cbr%3EPOSSIBLE%3C/div%3E%3Cspan%20style=color:black%3E%3Cinput%20type=%22hidden

          let me suggest you update to the version you just have released… lmao

          • fixed now… good to know. nice! as i pointed out in my post, rejecting bogus action parameters would be best practice. better than just sanitizing.

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