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I had already posted about the launch of the support forums.

I have gone ahead and dedicated an entire domain to them instead of the subdomain.

You can access the support forums at

Let me iterate that support queries will only be answered in the Support Forums. I will not answer any support queries in comments or email.

Additionally, I have chosen to restrict these queries only to my designs. I will not answer third party queries unless they have some relation to my work. They are only time consuming and since I’m working for free (haven’t got many donations coming in) I deserve the right to restrict my support to only thing I produce.

If you require any third party help do consider a donation.

Until then, the Support Forums are the best and only way to get support.
Additionally over a period of time, I am sure you won’t need to contact me regarding support as everything will be answered over there!

Finally, I have activated the feeds for the forum. You can subscribe here. As usual you have an array of 1-click buttons to choose your favorite RSS Subscription service.

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