AjayDSouza.info Revamped!

Have been meaning to this in quite a while. Had considered shifting over to Flickr to maintain my photo album, but the free service is very limited for me. Additionally I did not want to go in for a paid service because anyway I am spending a lot on hosting of my own.

Hence, I decided to try evaluate the option of using Gallery 2 as the software to power my photo album. I have been using Coppermine for quite a while now mainly because of its bulk import feature.
I had evaluated Gallery but found it rather lacking.

Was stunned that Gallery2 gave me a lot more than I wanted. Especially useful was the Gallery Remote which I have been using to upload all my photos. I have realized however that I need to use the online interface as the remote is still lacking many features.

Anyway, so you can now see AjayDSouza.info in a brand new avataar.
I’m still planning on working on the template to get it done to my liking. However, this will take a while as the software is still new to me.

So do visit my photo gallery. Feedback is welcome. Registrations are not required to view the pictures.

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3 thoughts on “AjayDSouza.info Revamped!”

  1. Hey. It’s fantastic that you found Gallery2 useful. I’ve been using Gallery for years now (my own gallery has over 15 thousand photos and I started trying to organize it in 2002, by which time I already had a few thousand already) and it’s one of the most serious, organized and dedicated projects I’ve seen.

    In a previous comment I mentioned WPG2, which is a bridge between wordpress and G2, allowing shared themes and users between both systems (as well as simplifying the insertion of image blocks and, in a future version, possibly the insertion of pictures themselves into posts and their customization).

  2. I had actually given Gallery a shot but didn’t like it. Gallery2 blew me away. Hence I stuck to it.

    15000 is a lot of photos :O
    I’ve still got a lot of photos myself to add but its a slow and steady process.

    I haven’t yet given WPG2 a try. Am considering doing so but lets see.
    I am of the idea to keep them seperate. Especially since they are are seperate servers.

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