All Work and all Play

The last week has really been both hectic and exhausting and so will this week be.

Had to attend Natasha‘s roce on Thursday and I forgot completely about it. My brother reminded me about it. Had a late night as I went to bed only at 1am. Good food but a little dancing.

Woke up early and went off to work as usual. Surprisingly, I wasn’t zonked as I expected and got through work very easily.

Had choir practice in the evening for two wedding masses to be held on Saturday (I only attended Natasha’s).

Had to wake up at 6am on Saturday, but the alarm didnt ring and so I was only able to wake up at 7. Rushed through the “get ready routine” and was at the Renaissance only by 7.45am. Well, I wasn’t too late 🙂

There was a major conference called APICON 2005 and I saw more doctors in the last two days than I have done in my life.
My job just required me to take the presentations from the doctors and load them into the various halls, via LAN. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone.

Saturday wasn’t very hectic and I could leave by 3.30am. Got back home and got ready to go for the wedding mass.
Mass was good, infact very good and we sang very well, if I should say so myself. Made a stopover at home and got into my new jacket and got ready for the wedding.

Horrible traffic on our journey there and we reached only at 8.45am, though very much in time.

The wedding reception was simply excellent. It was held in Juhu Hotel and when we left by 12.30am, the party was still on.
Danced a real lot. Caught Rachna (upstairs neighbour) for the wedding march and thankfully SueEllen was there, so had my dance partner. And she got busy teaching me some jive, so was good fun. I really need to learn to dance well.
But, then I danced for more than two hours and finally, I could feel my knees snap.

The food was good, had to be I guess, since it is a good hotel and as usual slept only at 1am. Woke up again by 7am and got to the Renaissance in time for the second day. Morning was very hectic and there was one time some eight doctors came in at once and I had no help. God was really gracious that they waited patiently while I attended to them.

Was mentally fatigued by afternoon though. Was fortunate as I got to actually eat the delegate’s lunch as compared to Saturday, when I ate the staff lunch. Food was good and I ate the icecream, as I got a third doctor telling me my cough is due to allergy.
Left the place by 5.30 pm.

Went off to bed before 10pm. Was too zonked to stay awake. And it’s back to work on yet another Monday morning 🙂
Like I said before, hectic week ahead. God bless me!

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