Am I gettting more famous?

My traffic rank at seems to be rising steadily. In the last six months this site has jumped by over 2 million ranks and today is in the top 700,000 based on the last three months average.

The last one week average is well under 500,000 :O 😀

Just goes to show that my blog seems to be getting rather popular.

Well I won’t fool myself in thinking they are here about me because my stats show that but for a few regular readers, the majority of people are here because of my themes, plugins and hacks for WordPress.

But if you are a regular reader, please do make me happy and post a comment below 😉

On the negative side, my ranking at search engines for the keyword Ajay seems to be falling. It has remained constant at Google, but has fallen at both MSN and Yahoo! 🙁

Though it does give me great pride to say that my site is in the top five when you search for Ajay, I am well aware that there are only a few who search for Ajay.

I’m waiting and watching and monitoring.

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  1. Hey Ajay,

    dont worry abt your ranking going down in yahoo or msn.. i’m sure there are a lot of people who visit your blog just to read abt you and your life and not for the themes, plugins and hacks for WordPress. I’m surely one of them.

    i’ve been reading your blog for like 7 to 8 months now and also melody’s … actually came across her blog thru yours…

    anyways just wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job and insipring a lot of people in the process.. it feels really good to come across such a clean and personal website on the WWW

    Keep up the good work Dude..

    Prakash Hezron ( by the way people call me Rony)

  2. Hello Rony,

    Well, I’m seriously touched. I honestly didn’t expect a comment on this post because most persons are too lazy to comment or don’t bother to.

    Glad to know that you have been reading and like my blog.

    I do hope I can continue to have you hooked for a long long time 🙂

  3. Hi Ajay,

    Rony has a valid point when he says there are quite some people who visit your blog just to read about you and your life and not just for the themes, plugins or hacks for WordPress.

    Once you get used to a person’s style of writing , I feel it is difficult to stay away from his/her blog 🙂

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