An Eventful Morning

What was planned as a 5 minute rendezvous, turn out to be a long trip.

I had to pick up VVIP Visitors passes for the Benny Hinn Crusade to be held today, tomorrow and Sunday from Melody, for my brother’s friend’s parents. Thanks to the grace of God and Mello, they can go for it! (Hopefully I can manage on Sunday)

So I journeyed to her place. On the way she called to say she left and to meet me on the way. Her dad was in Holy Family Hospital and so decided to pay him a visit.

Reached the hospital to find my dad’s mom there waiting for a CT Scan to be done. After Mello completed the formalities of discharging her dad and after they left, I stayed back to help my grandmom.

After a long time of waiting and tests, I was finally free at 12.30 pm. So I dropped my grandmom to her place and rushed back home.

Now I have to go to IIT Powai for my project work. Not a big deal. But it is going to be a hectic day.

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