An Excellent Sunday

Sunday, Feb 8, 2004, began like any given Sunday.

I awoke early and went for 8.30 am mass for which we are singing whole of this month.

Elvis and I had planned the previous day that we would go bowling. Mello was not really sure about coming. But she phoned me to give me the great news that her other plans were cancelled and she & Simone would be coming bowling with us.

So Melody, Simone, Elvis, Delilah and I set off for Bull’s Eye in Santa Cruz.

This is my second thryst with bowling and sadly, beginner’s luck applies only to the beginner :(. Unlike my first time, my bowling was not upto the mark. I managed just one strike and a few spares, and could only total around 100. This was second behind Elvis.

Melody ofcourse did manage a close 4th place behind Simone. Did I mention Delilah chose not to play?

Having done with bowling, we decided to go off to the Carter Road (Bandra) Cafe Coffee Day. This is a much better and bigger Cafe-Day in comparison to the ones I have been to at Lokhandwala and Versova.

Ate and drank and then Elvis and I went off to Suburbia to book tickets for Maqbool (I wasn’t going for the movie for a change), with plans to meet Melody and Delilah at Jogger’s Park. Sadly for him, we didn’t get the tickets and so we just worked our way back to Jogger’s Park. It took a bit of searching and calling, but we finally managed to find the two girls.

There, plans were made to go out to Club IX. I have never been to a club before and it took me a bit of permission getting before I was able to go there.

I had a stop-over at Elvis’ place, where his mom gave me excellent Goa sausages for dinner (who doesn’t love them?!) before we went to pickup the girls. Elvis’ bro Warren joined the four of us and so we got his car 🙂

Picked up Melody first, who was looking simply smashing. Simply smashing is a major understatement to how gorgeous she was looking (of course I did realize this once we reached Club IX).

These people were stunned to find Club IX empty. We were one of four groups out there and the remaining three were couples! So of course, all four got all out on blaming me as being the unlucky one :((

After eating and drinking a little bit, we decided to visit 80’s, which was also empty!
Whether it was because India got thrashed by Australia in cricket or whether the clubs got some prior intimation that I was coming or some other reason, the blame was put solely on my weak shoulders :((

Anyways, finally around 12 we decided to find our respective ways home and I got home at 12.30 am.

A long and enjoyable and also the last day of partying for a long long time now as I get on with my studies for my final semester.

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  1. Listen you 😯 – If you think that calling me “Simply Smashing” will enable you to get away with divulging private bowling score details on yr blog …well..:mad:

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