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And yet another Orkut Hoax

Yet another Orkut hoax floating around on the internet is this one:


It has recently been found out that there are some spammers present on Orkut who download the Photographs of Girls from their Profile and they get 5 cent per photograph. This photographs are later sent into Image Editors like Photoshop where they are morphed and superimposed on the images of Porn Stars. These people are so expert in this field that the photographs looks completely real and anyone can get decieved by generated images.

These photographs are then used for multiple purposes like Printing in International Magazines, Uploading on paid Porn Sites and sometimes even blakmailing. And the post consequences are a known fact. So after knowing about this fact my advice to all sisters of my brothers here to please remove their photo’s from Orkut and don’t give the culprits a chance to do play around with You. Afterall Prevention is better than Cure. AUR BHAI LOG PLZ IS MAIL KO JAHAAN TAK HO SAKE FORWARD KARO TAKE CARE

It is good that you thought to spread the message and I know the thought is noble, but please stop this stupid email chain!

I have researched this and haven’t found a single place which actually confirms this. It doesn’t take much time to research. Please do check and if you find some truth in what you are about to send, only then send it. Otherwise stop and don’t cause unnecessary panic!

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