Another good week gone by

It’s been a while again since I updated my blog.

I had written a while back how frustrated I was getting. However, all that frustration has now gone.

I went and complained to my boss about this and following his guidelines I went once again through the entire code and was able to understand it well enough.

With help from Jaidev, I was able to get the LEDs to glow. Sounds something small, but it did take me a while to figure out how the system worked and then it was fun.

This was last Monday, the 2nd of August. On Tuesday, I began actual work on the project Tuesday. It involved making a Software Requirement Specification for the DC Softstarter.
I had to prepare it my Thursday, but I completed a rough draft by Wednesday afternoon itself. However, I realized that there is no such thing as a rough draft and I learned it the hard way. Anyways, after lot of clearings and revisions I completed it by Friday evening only to learn that there are new developments in the project. So, from this Monday, I started making multiple copies of the SRS.
Sat with my boss on Monday and updated the SRS with the new developments. I have to now begin work on the various structures and routines of the controller. I hope to get done with this soon.
I like the job, since I am learning a real lot from this. Also being one of the few peoples working on DSP here at C&A, I see a lot of oppurtunities for me 🙂

Weekend details are in the post above this.

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