Another Happening Weekend

Weekends begin with Friday night. Friday night is choir practice. Same as usual. Wasn’t really tired so enjoyed it.
Also got a nice new pair of jeans for just 100 bucks, as the Goan Association was getting rid of some. Factory rejects, they say, but are quite decent for use. Just had the main button missing, which is an easy job to rectify.

Had to stay at home all Saturday morning, because of work in our kitchen. Rather frustrating, because it is noisy and very dusty.

Evening program was posted below.

Work up usual time this morning. U. Conrad called and was at his place by 9.30am. We have two events clashing in the evening, and so he required me to play the recessional hymn at the mass to be held at Canossa. Practiced it well enough with Anne. I sure hope I don’t mess this up. Went off to church after this to help out there.

Evening was going to be two masses, back to back at different places. Hectic!

We first went off to Canossa to sing for three nuns who were receiving their Holy Orders (My cousin Seema says that this is what it is called). Played decently enough with no mistakes, so was pleased with myself.

We next sang again in church. Was a bit tired and I ended up mixing up the Angelus a bit. Hopefully, no harm done. I did learn however, that if you say the same line of the Angelus twice, few correct you, while the rest don’t respond. Either they are asleep or bugged or don’t care:O

Got home, watched a movie and went off to bed. A new week ahead…

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