Another long evening

Just got home from yet another long fun-filled evening, this time with Nikhil and Subhashree.

It’s been a long time since we met her, and plans were made and followed this time.

First dropped off at Clayton‘s place and then U. Conrad‘s for computer work and then met Nikhil and Subhashree at 8.30 pm.

Had a quiet dinner at Amritsar Express, a new food joint in Juhu.

Next met Nimit, a friend of Subhashree, who happened to know quite a few pals of mine!

Spent some time in Lokhandwala Barista. Nimit, who knows how to play, got hold of the “4-string” guitar there, which we returned with three strings!

Next reached back to Nikhil’s place, picked up the kinetic, got stuck in traffic and finally reached home around 1.15 am.

Have to attend a Robotics class this (Sunday) evening, so my life is going to get pretty much on schedule!

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