Another Sunday begins!

Sunday after the first week of “Home Alone”.

Saturday was rather uneventful. A very boring day like most of the other days in my life!
Except ofcourse that I made rice. Not plain rice, but with lot of additions like lime, chilli, jeera, saffron, coriander leaves, chat masala, cashew and salt! What’s best about it is that the food turned out to be really good and edible. Contact me for similar recipes.

Sunday began with a trip to church for daily mass. Since U. Conrad was not there, we were singing acapela and for a change, we were a real disaster.

With the exception of “Were you there..?”, most of the other other hymns were chaotic 🙁

But we sang them with a smile and many a laugh 😀

Next Sunday is going to be again without U. Conrad. We need practise!

On the food front, I may order a pizza today 🙂

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  1. liar on 21st i saw the local hotel delivering food to your house!!! and a dog was walking out looking like it had been poisoned

  2. Well, don’t you understand you shouldn’t me making such comments on my blog and letting everybody know about it?

  3. dude occured to you next time ppl will come over with junk food just to save the agony of eating \”home\” cooked food you shouldn’t hide thngs from your friends 😀

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