Another week down…

Been bloggin’ rather erratically lately. Haven’t had much time on my hands to actually sit and blog.

Got some spare time now, so here I am.

Let’s begin with the prayer meeting last Tuesday, Feb 1.

As usual, I couldn’t make it before 7.30pm because of traffic. This time at the Thane-Belapur road in Navi Mumbai and as usual at Dharavi:(

We had a Parsi converted to Catholicism gentleman speaking to us about God’s love for two Tuesdays. He dwelt on Jesus’ circumcision and He beginning his ministry with the Feast at Cana.

This Tuesday he spoke about the three kinds of Jesus’ love, viz. Jesus the Proposer, Jesus the Defender and Jesus the Redeemer.
For Jesus the Proposer, he gave the example of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:4-42)
For Jesus the Defender, he spoke of the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11)
For Jesus the Redeemer, he stated how the only criteria to meet God is to admit that we have sinned.

Quite good talks with a great deal to learn from.

Last week work was pretty much the same. Busily coding and debugging on the project.

And as usual, I await the weekend. Didn’t go off to Melody‘s place as I wanted to get a firmware upgrade for my 6230. However, dropped the idea because of the risk involved.

Went off to Lucky’s for biryani and tandoori chicken and off again to Bandstand. Spent a good deal of time there and enjoyed myself lots before I dropped her and went home.

Got back, got ready and went up to the terrace for the Silver Jubilee celebration of my neighbour Mr. & Mrs Andrades. Didn’t do any dancing, as I wasn’t really in the mood for it. But chit-chatted a lot.

Slept late and so couldn’t make it for the 8.30am mass for which we were supposed to be singing and so had to go for the evening 6 pm mass and because of work on Monday couldn’t go for Sean‘s party to celebrate his confirmation:(.

Monday was a tiring day and I don’t really know why. But I was so zonked that I slept soundly in the bus on the return journey home. Have started using the shortcut that links Seepz to Mahakali and comes out near my church. I reach home in 15 minutes from there and so save a lot of time and money.

Had choir practice for bass on Monday and none of them turned up except me. Took the opportunity to brush through the hymns we will be singing for Easter.

Tuesday evening is, as usual, the prayer meeting. Have already written about it on top. Though I must mention that I reached Bandra in just 50 minutes, which was rather surprising:shock:

And it’s work, as usual, this Wednesday morning…

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