Any Given Sunday

Sunday the 29th of Feb began different from most Sundays.

It started off with Melody waking me up at 7 am. I went to pick her up from the Hyatt Regency to bring her to my church in time for the 8.30 am mass. Did I mention she was looking really gorgeous ?! (even though she disagrees with me about this everytime!!).

Clayton was all anxious to meet my best pal (to whom I was introduced by Colin, Clayton’s dad). But he sure was disappointed when I told him that she couldn’t make it for mass. (He would have known she had come, if he came in time for mass).

Anyway, at the very end of mass, Clayton asked me several times if she really hadn’t come, because a girl smiled at him in church (don’t get your hopes to high Clayton!).

Later, Melody told me that Clayton blushed and turned away when she smiled at him!

So I did the intros and then dropped her back to the Hyatt, where she was at a conference… hopefully she has conferences every Sunday at the Hyatt, so that she can come for mass here regularly 😉

Incidentally we sang “Come back to Me”, that was the same hymn sung for Communion at both the Masses we have attended together. Coincidence? Hmmm!

The day and week have begun well. Let’s see how it follows up!

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  1. Thx doll 🙂 for taking me to Mass. As I told you, you guys sang very well..and Clayton really is soo cute 🙄

  2. PS: Did I mention you sound absol. sexy first thing in the morning?! Think I’ll wake you up more often 😉

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