Top Donor #2

The Top Donor Club, the elite-I-give-you-50-bucks-you-give-me-link club, just inducted its second member.

He is Robert Jacobi of Baufinanzierung. Well, the site is in German so I can’t tell you much about them.

Though, if you do speak German, a translation would be great :)

I’m going to be an MBA!!!



Finally have great news to give on the MBA front.

I’ve been selected for the 2007-2009 batch of SCMHRD!

Taking the offer and I shall be in Pune for two years :)

Thanks to all who have kept me in their prayers…

Resistors and Resisting

Color Codes

Two comics that will brighten up your day… courtesy XKCD and XKCD.

Color Codes Bored with the Internet

The first gives you a perfect example of overworked electronics engineers and the second is for all of you online!

Have you taken the Poll

Honestly, I am a little disappointed. I’ve been running the poll for five days now, and I’ve received only 25 votes.

I thought polls were something that people loved and I did ask a relevant question. Anyway, I’m going to try my luck again and implore my 250+ readers plus the thousand or so who wander along here to take the poll below.

It asks a simple question, which is your reason for having visited the blog.

The idea behind this poll is to help generate content that you would like to read. I want you to read and join the participation and what better way than to get you to tell me what you want to see.