Contextual Related Posts + Thesis + Custom CSS

Bill has a fantastic and easy to follow tutorial for all your Thesis and Contextual Related Posts users. He?ll teach you how to add the necessary styles to the Thesis theme to make the default output of Contextual Related Posts to look a lot better.

CRP has always included an inbuilt style crp_related CSS class that allows you to create your custom styles for the display of the related posts list.

If you?ve got some fancy way of displaying the list, drop me an email or comment here with the same. Also, if you?re using any of my plugins and have something innovative to share about them, again drop me an email with the link.

An Article from a Marathi Manoos

Who approves of the riots that the MNS rages in the name of Maharashtrians? Definitely not any of those I know who strictly condemn them. Are even Maharashtrians safe from this? Apparently not.

In Goonda Raj, Marathi manoos and Mumbai Mirror editor Deepak Lokhande has related his experience of Tuesday where he bore the brunt of Raj Thackeray?s zeal to ?save? Maharashtrians!