I am waiting for Christmas, are you?

Back in September I took my core leave… well over two weeks of which I spent an entire week coding 2.x of Contextual Related Posts. Having released the new version of Contextual Related Posts, we set out on a nice holiday across the Republic of Ireland.

While it’s supposed to be part of post that is pending (and hopefully, will be written about), for now I put up a few photographs on a revived WordPress.com blog.

Ever since I got back to London back in September, I’ve spent most of my time working non stop on my day job. It’s that time of the year! Plugin development has continued, although rather slowly and I’ll be back with a good update to both Top 10 and Contextual Related Posts soon.

But, it’s December once again and it’s soon going to be Christmas time. And, now that Thanksgiving is also over, it’s officially time to start playing Christmas music.

And, since it is the time to listen to Christmas music, how about this super cool and very big Christmas playlist on Spotify.

So, is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

Shopping and eating

T.M. Lewin shirts

Little above a year back, a young man of 20 something, having finished a year at his new job, received the good news of his secondment to London. In preparation for his six weeks in London, the young man set out to a few shops in the city to buy the necessary attire for the new job profile that he would be in.

On 3 May 2010, this young man took his first long haul flight from Bangalore to London. As he walked out of the airplane and took the cab to his apartment, he fell in love with the city and hoped that those six weeks would be a lot more. Little did he know that his wish would come true. However, his work was recognised and he was given an offer he could not refuse. And, he didn’t.

The six weeks turned to six months and the six months turned to nine, as he waited for his visa. After a brief visit in Bangalore, he packed up his belongings and returned home to Mumbai. In Mumbai, as he struggled to adjust to the time zone difference, he tried to put his affairs in order and met a few friends. He was back to London in early March to begin his new job in a role where his friends would refer to him as “Banker”.

I don’t need to tell you that the young man is me and am happy to say that I have completed my first year in London, in a job I grew to love!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This isn’t the case with Ajay (yes, sad joke!), who is perfectly at home at his work place. But, I do go out and have my share of fun and this included a wardrobe improvement with the help of his new found friend Sveccha (introduced by the great Idea-smithy.

We went to Westfield mall, which is one of the largest malls in Europe (view on Google Maps). I picked up a few shirts at the T.M.Lewin store and at Marks & Spencer, a pair of shoes and something that makes me smell real good!

T.M. Lewin shirts

Some Vietnamese food, pastries and Starbucks completed the rest of the day. This was the first day of the long two weekends, the Easter weekend and the Royal Wedding weekend, most of which were spent in the confines of my super sexy apartment!

The living room

The kitchen

The bedroom

View from my bedroom window

What use is a good, well furnished kitchen (courtesy Tesco Direct), when you don’t put it to use. Met up with Sveccha on Saturday and we decided to cook at home. She did the cooking and we did the eating. The prawns turned out to be super awesome and the rice and the dal were yum! Need, I say, I need to take up cooking as a hobby!

And, work continues as usual…

2010: A Life Changing Year

Come new years eve, most people stop and take a look at the year that was past. I am no different. The end of 2010 also brings together the end of the first decade of the new millennium. And, what a decade it has been! And, what a year 2010 has been!

For me 2010 has been one of best years professionally and one of my worst personally (or so I think currently). I began 2010 with a clear future in mind. I had my usual 5 year plan ready, complete with a Plan B in place!

But, as they say, man proposes, God disposes, little did I know how my plans would all go for a toss.


It’s movie time!

Surprise! An update in less than  one month ;)

Two weeks back I went off to the O2 to watch Inception. Since then I have caught three more movies, viz. A-Team, Knight and Day and Karate Kid.

I have taken the unlimited movies plan at Cineworld, and I have already made that up for this month by watching two movies in the last two days :) By my math, I’ll need to watch just 18 movies in the next three months. Call me thrifty ;)

Work has been crazy as usual with me finishing my fourth all-nighter at work in the three months that I have been here. Not something to be proud about, but hey, it happens! This week promises to be light. Then again promises are meant to be broken.

Back to movies, there is a whole set of movies in the pipeline that I plan on watching:

So, which movies do you plan on watching?

London update

Finally got a day to myself and hence the point of this post. Ideally, by now, you should be able to see a million photographs on my photo album. However, a total lack of social life explains the un-updated album!

Since then, I have been slogging like crazy at work with minimal amount of fun. In the last 6 weeks I have:

  1. Worked almost every weekend and almost every day till at least 11pm
  2. Watched Robin Hood
  3. Went to Piccadilly Circus area and had amazing pizza at an Italian restaurant
  4. Shifted residence, well, almost

And, that’s about it.

There is one bit of good news though, my original assignment which was to be for 6 weeks  has now been extended till the end of October. So, am hoping that across the next few months, I’ll be able to visit the many places in London.

As a result, I’ll be completing my shifting tomorrow morning to a new place. I love the view from there. Will put up some photographs soon!

Update: Just uploaded some more photos in the London album on Flickr.