CAT 2006 Results out; IIM Servers Crash!

It was inevitable. My results and their servers crashing.

I was able to get my result after a few hours of trying and several refreshes. Anyway managed a measely 82.94 which is less than my last two attempts when I hadn’t studied :((

I need some TLC.

For those interested, try getting your result here.

I’m definitely not a CAT Person

Thakur Polytechnic

It came, it saw and it bit, scratched and tore my hair out!

That just about sums up my experience today with CAT 2006.

For more details…

In exactly 12 hours…

…from this post I sit down to give one of the biggest exams of my life, viz. the CAT 2006.

Request for all of my readers to please say a small prayer that I will succeed in this.


I’m not a CAT Person

Sunday was the last of the AIMCATs and I was a bit apprehensive about the same. The AIMCAT was “decent” but as usual I missed the cutoff in Quant by a mark. Managed an 89.8 percentile which is definitely better than last week’s.

Went for the Sunday evening mass. Thankfully it was dragged.

Monday and Wednesday was at my friends place studing all day while on Tuesday.

I’ve got three days left for the exam. Am tensed by am also not letting it effect me too much.

Gave a paper yesterday (Wednesday) and the results were a lot better. It’s going to be simply the matter of timing and choice. Will I be able to do it?

Cat Bites and Form Filling

I am going to vent in this post. So, if you don’t like me grumbling then this is where you should you leave! (But do come back)!

And for those who don’t mind me grumbling…

Sunday began with yet another AIMCAT. With two AIMCATs to go I will admit that I am still struggling to get the strategy correct.