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Downloaded over 180,000 times, Ajax Edit Comments is the most powerful and feature-packed comment editing solution for WordPress.

It is used (albeit with modified versions) on very prominent websites such as Smashing Magazine and TechCrunch.

In March 2009, I took over the development of AEC from Ronald, the original author. After a few months of development, or lack thereof, Ronald returned as co-author of this highly popular plugin.

Since its birth in 2007, AEC has been available for free and the current version available via the WordPress repository is 3.1. This is the last available version available for free.

AEC has survived till date on a donation business model basis. Unfortunately, this model is a complete failure since donations are rare. However, support and feature requests are not.

So, as of this week Ronald and me have converted Ajax Edit Comments into a subscription based plugin to centralize all support in order to provide the highest user experience and satisfaction.

The Ajax Edit Comments plugin itself will remain GPL. Subscriptions provide the added benefits of automatic upgrades, affiliate opportunities, and priority support.

My support forum will no longer be the place to request support for this plugin. All support requests for Ajax Edit Comments have to be posted at AEC Support Forums.

Ajax Edit Comments subscriptions start at $50 a year for 5 sites. But, for a limited period (until January 31st, 2010) you can get the subscription at an up-to 80% discount! Any subscriptions purchased during the promotion will renew at the promotional price for the life of the subscription.

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Ajax Edit Comments updated – Fixes IE bug

Ronald just updated Ajax Edit Comments to fix the really troublesome IE bug where the window just refused to close. You can update it from within WP-Admin directly or download it from the repository.

Ajax Edit Comments allows users and admins to edit comments on a post. Users can edit their own comments for a limited time, while admins can edit all comments.

The plugin has been tested on WordPress 2.8.5 as well. I have it running out here. If you notice any bugs, please report the same in the forum.

Ajax Edit Comments security fix

I recently uploaded a fix for WP Ajax Edit Comments which is a mandatory upgrade.

Allows users and admins to edit comments on a post. Users can edit their own comments for a limited time, while admins can edit all comments.

Rene recently reported a security bug with AEC, where posted content wasn’t being filtered appropriately. I have since uploaded a fix for the plugin and it is highly recommended that you upgrade the plugin asap.

You can upgrade quickly and easily from within your WordPress admin area itself.

Ajax Edit Comments now with Move Comments feature

Move feature of Ajax Edit Comments

Ronald has been working to make your favorite plugin even better. After the release last week which added support for deletion requests from your visitors, a brand new feature that allows the admin to move their comments from one post to another.

When you are viewing a post, you can hit the Move button.

You have three options of finding the post you want to move the comment to. One of them is to Move by Title, the other is Move by ID and the last is Move by Post.

Move feature of Ajax Edit Comments

The Move by Title allows you to search the titles of the posts and then select the post you want to move it to. The Move by ID allows you to enter the ID of the post you want to move the comment to. The Move by Post allows you to select from among the latest posts.

So, what do you think about this feature? If you notice any bugs, so let us know.

Download Ajax Edit Comments. Remember to send a donation to Ronald.