Life this past week

Le Marche

If there is one thing a geek needs, then it is a good internet connection. Now, that is one thing that has always eluded me and there is no chance of it changing in the near future!

That is one of the reason this blog has seen absolutely no updates for a long long time.

The past week and more can be summed up as follows:


Practice has been on in full force for Good Friday. We’ve had practice four times in the last week and things are shaping up.

Le Marche

Had to sing for a funeral mass on Thursday at the Oshiwara Cemetery. Few of us from the choir decided to drop in at the “Mega Mall” just across the road. The place is still coming up and the only thing there was the super market. We weren’t out shopping so just moved on to Inorbit food court.

Headed home and back again to choir practice.

Yesterday was Passion Sunday and we were singing for the 6pm mass. Father dropped the bombshell that we had to do the part of the crowd in the liturgy. With no prior practice, I think we carried it out well :D


My internet connection sucks. I’ve been calling Exatt up every single day for the past two weeks to ask them to come fix the connection. I dropped in at the office today and waiting for the folks in charge to come. The problem is they have no clue how to fix the frequent switch hanging.

I’ve been considering the MTNL Triband, but my mom is too terrified about “incorrect” billing on their part. I’ve decided to chuck the idea. If my net is down, a cyber cafe shall have to serve as my resort.

On the computer front, my Dad was down last week and he brought me a Kingston U3 DataTraveler.

I am very impressed by the drive. Besides functioning as a normal 2GB memory drive, the U3 Software adds autorun capabilities with easy installation of portable software to run directly from my drive. I’ve got my browser and other software installed on the drive, so no privacy issues at cafes :D

Dad also got me a 120GB external hard drive. It’s small and portable and a real life saver. This will all be part of my baggage to SCMHRD in June.


On the college front, I received the results for XIMB. I’m 101 on the waitlist which is definitely not converting. Besides, I don’t think I will be taking it up anyway. SCMHRD seems a better option after weighing in a lot of factors.

The SCMHRD Foundation course which was supposed to start on April 1 has temporarily been postponed. I’ve received the confirmation letter and receipt for the payment.

Also metup with the several SCMHRD folks from Mumbai on Saturday. Will save that for a small post later.


Accompanied a pal to town on Friday. Have been digging up some stuff about studies in Australia. Maybe in the future. Then again, maybe not.

Have also made plans for a holiday in April. Things are shaping out well. I’m not much of the holiday person with hardly any trips at all.

But, the holiday always makes for some good blog tales…

Filling the Bubbles and more…

Dell Inspiron 6400

The Sunday that went by the big Maharashtra MBA CET 2007 which opens doors to Management colleges in Mumbai. I had already received news of me being accepted in SCMHRD.

My center for the test was IES School, Dadar. I wasn’t sure of finding parking, so took the train out there. Reminded me of the times at Agrawal’s for my HSC classes.

This time I was a lot more prepared than last year and hence attempted the paper better I believe. However, I don’t think I did well enough to get me into JB, but time will tell.

The Events of the Week


Except for yesterday the week so far has not let me sit down and take a deep breath. I began the week by helping a friend setup her new computer. This took up both Monday and Tuesday.

The only thing frustrating about both days was the travelling, which was at a snails pace for a good distance. Constructions and continuously increasing number of vehicles has resulted in horrible traffic right from Kherwadi, Bandra upto Juhu Airport.

As I said, I spent all of Wednesday at home except the evening to get some documents attested, which was only a few minutes.


Defragmenting Sunday

As is normal of my internet connection, early Sunday morning the net went down. Decided to grab the opportunity to do what is much needed for computer health but I have neglected for a long time viz. defragmenting my harddrives.

Got down to doing that yesterday. Used SpeeDefrag to perform the defragmentation.

It’s taken me more than 24 hours to format two 120Gb partitions and two 30Gb partitions!

Need to ensure I defragment more often :)

The Big Crash

Seems like one crash followed the other.

My computer had started to give major problems since last week. These problems just seemed to spike about the weekend. Managed through the weekend until the big crash took place early Monday morning.

I wasn’t able to boot into Windows at all. Did the next best thing and booted into Recovery Console and rank chkdsk.

Had to leave the unit like this when I went over to a friends place to finish off application form work. All done but one.

chkdsk usually solves the problem and it seemed like it had done so this time as well but Windows refused to start.

Had no option but to reinstall the OS. This time I installed it on my Samsung Hard-disk instead of the Maxtor. Wanted to preserve the data on Maxtor and restore what I could.

The installation has always been a breeze because of my unit is powerful, so no complains there. Have spent whole of last night and early today restoring my applications!

There is a lot to be done. But, thankfully things are a lot faster now :)