Weekend movie and lots of work!

I managed to watch Transformers last week, making it my first movie in Bangalore since I came here more than three months back. My initial plan was to work on Saturday morning from home, but al my hopes were dashed when the electricity out here conked off at 10am and didn’t return till 5pm!

If I thought that Pune was bad with its power problems, then Bangalore has started to win! The compromise was that I had to work the whole of Sunday. The good part was I caught up on much needed sleep.

Vincent and me went over to the BSNL office in the afternoon to apply for a new broadband connection. Airtel turned out to be a really crappy alternative, when they found it “not feasible” to give us a new connection. We were surprised at the efficiency and speed of BSNL, which, despite being a government firm, has some very efficient staff.

Airtel has turned out to be a rather painful connection when I received a message a few days back billing me 50 bucks for downloading some game that I didn’t even know existed. Calling up the helpline is rather useless, nor is visiting their help center. I’ve been asked to check back on the day of the new billing cycle! I’m well aware of others in the past as well of being incorrectly billed by Airtel.

We had plans to catch the movie in the evening. However, before that we headed off to Garuda mall and spent sometime in the Barista out there. It has been a while since I went to a Barista and every time I go there, I realize that I prefer it anytime over Cafe Coffee Day. Will make sure I go off to a Barista when I go to Mumbai next.

We caught the movie at that place. 200 bucks was worth it for Transformers!

We headed home after the “late” night show and crashed rather immediately, since both Vincent and me had to go to work the next day. Spent a long long long week in office with several late nights. Friday was the only relatively light day.

Today was spent at home. The persons from BSNL came over today and fixed the phone line. The modem should be here in a few days and we’ll be hooked onto a 512kbps unlimited internet connection!

We initially at plans to go shopping, but laziness and sleep won over it. So, possibly next week, I’ll target a few shops that are offering sales.

Tomorrow shall be yet another lazy day. However, I do need to put in a few hours of work. May also work on some more of my WordPress plugins. I already released an update of Ajax Edit Comments today.

Onam and Plugin Development

SCMHRD Pookalam

The entire week has been relatively light, which changes tomorrow.

Spent a good portion of the week programming. I released Digg Integrate, TwitterCounter and Auto-Close in the past week. I have a few more plugins planned for release in the next few weeks. These are mainly things I use or want to use out here on my very own blogs.

12th September was celebrated as Onam. For the second year in a row, SCMHRD won the Pookalam contest. Photos below for your viewing pleasure.

Lunch was arranged by the students who celebrate Onam. Food was served on banana leaves. Well, I enjoyed the food and ate a great deal :)

SCMHRD Pookalam Pookalam's of all the three colleges

As usual, this weekend as well, we have a 34 hour load shedding this week. Out of this, the generator runs for about 22 hours, which means 12 hours of total blackout, which boils down to “Hey, you can’t use the internet or your laptop”.

The next week seems to be totally jam packed. This should be good. Would love to have a few lectures for a change.

Life Updates as Promised

I haven’t had much time to get down to blogging what I have been upto in the past month. Having celebrated my birthday in Mumbai, I headed back to Pune to get on with life.

Had originally planned to come back to Mumbai on Thursday itself for Placements work. However, a thought improvement workshop interrupted these plans.

The workshop was conducted by CGN. The workshop is actually a program by The Pacific Institute. I had originally planned on going into details for the same, but I guess most of the same is copyrighted and it would not be correct. In brief, the workshop covers topics like scotomas, Reticular Activating System, Gestalt psychology. In all it was an entertaining three days. We did miss a finance test in the middle, which I would have liked to attend.

Left for Mumbai early Sunday morning and reached there by afternoon. It’s been starting to take too much time traveling to and fro between Mumbai and Pune!

My first job was to clean up the house. Took out the vacuum cleaner that I purchased oh so long back and cleaned up lots of dust from my computer primarily, and then the rest of the house.

Aditya was to stay with me for the entire week while we roamed the city visiting companies. Well, that’s exactly what we did, “roamed the city”.

The next five days were extremely exhausting, with us traveling in all directions, in buses, rickshaws, taxis and more importantly, the local trains of Mumbai. The five day first class tourist pass did not provide that much relief!

Left for Pune last Monday and took well over five hours to get back to college. The journey was extremely frustrating. Caught a volvo at about 9am, which reached Wakad around 1.30pm! I made the mistake of getting down at the Police Chowky, only to find no rickshaws. Had to climb mounds of construction work and walk a good deal to find the tumtums. Would have taken photos but I had my hands full with three heavy bags!

Walked another kilometer or so from the Hinjewadi chowk to college, wondering at every step of the way if I would make it back alive.

Reached my room only to find out that I had a class, which had already begun. Had a quick bath (it was a necessity) and rushed for the class, which was immediately followed by a test.

The rest of this week has been extremely lazy, with a good deal of electricity problems. And, it is the weekend yet again and yet again we are without power for full 48 hours!

Did I mention that in times like these I really really miss Mumbai?

20 hours power cut, not seven

The newspapers may have reported only seven hours power cut, but that definitely wasn’t the case!

After about ten hours of no power, I wondered if we would get the electricity back anytime soon. Well, we did, a full twenty hours later.

Added to that we had a total blackout around 12.30am which lasted for another eight hours or so. Kept tossing and turning in my bed for a good portion of the night with huge mosquitoes hovering all around me.

When I finally did fall asleep, it was time to wake up :(

Have to hit the books now. There’s a lot that has happened in the past which I still need to find the time to blog about. However, for regular updates to my life you can signup to receive updates via Twitter or Jaiku.

Is it only seven hours load shedding in Pune?

From today onwards we have seven hours of load shedding. I’m not sure if this is in addition to the almost 48 hours of load shedding on weekends.

As for six hours, the same is debatable. At around 4.30pm power was cut and its almost midnight now and there is no electricity.

And, if rumours are correct there will be total blackout after midnight. Will post an update on the situation later.

God! I miss Mumbai :(