My WordPress plugins will be TimThumb free



Contextual Related Posts, Top 10 and Where did they go from here have come inbuilt with TimThumb to resize images for a long time now. However, TimThumb has had a fair share of exploits that have affected a lot of websites and although I’ve maintained the latest version of TimThumb consistently within the plugins, it required me to be on the lookout constantly for updates to TimThumb.

Ben has supported the development of TimThumb over the years, but announced that he has stopped supporting or maintaining it. This means that eventually, I’m going to drop TimThumb from my WordPress plugins.

Contextual Related Posts v2.0 comes inbuilt with complete support for WordPress thumbnails  In the next version, you’ll be able to select the inbuilt created thumbnail sizes, instead of creating a new one. This means even better support for your thumbnails, especially if you’re carving your own ones! v2.1 will remove TimThumb completely and the plugin will no longer bundle it.

I’m currently working on new versions of Top 10 and Where did they go from here and these will come with the WordPress thumbnails support out of the box as well as the option to select existing thumbnail sizes.

If you’d still like to use TimThumb, you’ll need to host this on your own and use a simple function to filter the post image. This is, in fact, how my plugins currently use TimThumb to resize the images. But, as Ben says, this will be at your own risk.

I know that this is definitely a big change. I’ve always liked how TimThumb could seamlessly resize images on the fly, but with lack of support and maintenance, it’s time to stop using it.

Snap Preview Anywhere Plugin

Snap Preview Anywhere

Snap Preview Anywhere

Snap released a new feature that lets you display thumbnail for links on your website.

It is called Snap Preview AnywhereTM.

I’ve released a plugin that makes it extremely easy for you to add the same code to your WordPress Blog.

Presenting Snap Preview AnywhereTM Plugin for WordPress!

As usual the plugin can be configured via WP-Admin. You can also let the plugin automatically add the code to the footer of your theme.

All you need to do is signup for SPA, get the Key and fill it in.

If you like the plugin please do consider a donation. It helps defray hosting costs.

Read more and download »

WP-Plugin: Open Picture Window Plugin

Presenting my fourth plugin for WordPress.

It is called Open Picture Window Plugin and is based on my Open Browser Window Plugin.

Have you ever wanted to display only a thumbnail and link to the new image. However, you don’t want the image opening in the same window and you don’t want all the toolbars and more in the new window?
This is where the plugin steps in.

Using javascript you can open the image in the new window. You can specify all the properties of the new window. You can also give it a title which is used as alt and title text for the image tag.
The code that is generated is perfect XHTML compliant. Additionally, it also works perfectly if you serve your site as application/xhtml+xml.

Read more and download the Open Picture Window Plugin.

IImage Browser Hack

The IImage Browser plugin for WordPress is an image management plugin that lets you browse through your uploaded images, upload new images, create thumbnails and generate code.

Just wanted to tweak one thing viz. Clicking on a thumbnail in a post should open the full image in a new browser window the size of the full image with no scrollbars, menu etc.

Update: Following the release of 1.4.5, the plugin has a custom code feature. This hack utilizes that feature now. Thus, you can retain the original functionality of the Plugin as well as add your own.

The hack:
1. Open iimage-browser.php

2. Find:

$ib_custom_code_thumb = 'Must be set in iimage-browser.php';

3. Replace with:

$ib_custom_code_thumb = '<a href="%src" ><img src="%tsrc" title="%title" alt="%title" width="%twidth" height="%theight" /></a>';

Download the hack here.