At Grandma’s and Gondola’s

It has been a while that I have gone out and it sure has been a while since I visited my Grandmom, so decided to spend Wednesday at her place.

As has become a trend, my internet was down in the morning (actually since the previous night) which basically meant that I couldn’t do any of my normal blogging that I had intended.

Set off at 11, dropped in at the internet guys… established nothing… and then continued the journey. Travelling to Bandra is getting really irritating now-a-days because of the traffic which is same at any point of the day!

Reached there after noon. Had originally intended to pickup lunch on the way but was strongly dissuaded from doing any such thing. Lunch was great as is the case with my Grandma’s cooking … so you can believe that I ate my fill and finished it off with some strawberry pudding =P~

And for tea there were dosas… I think i’ve put on weight 😉

Met up with Melody after this to get her blog template redesigned. And finally ended the day with Chinese at Gondola’s in Pali.

They have done up the place since my last visit and the prices have also increased, which is possibly a direct consequence of the renovation, but the food was good, could have had a greater quantity though for the price.

Reached home at 11pm and got down to work after that. Thankfully the net was up at that time and could finally get some work done.

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  1. Thx bro for helping me get my blog the way I wanted (& more!) 🙂

    It looks SO MUCH BETTER than yours 😉

    Love you!

    PS: Where are the pics you took at Gondolas?

  2. The internet connection is certainly one part of my life which never functions when I want it to. I probably will have around 30 mins of time for checking out stuff, and that is when it’ll choose to knock itself out.

  3. Well Dude – If you ever find yourself in Texas, look me up, we’ll get some good ol’ Texas Barbeque for you and you can help me with my sites 🙂

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