At Grandma’s

As I posted below, I went over to my Grandmom‘s place on Monday night. Spent the whole of Tuesday there and returned home this morning.

There isn’t really much to do there except watch a lot of TV and indeed I did that!

Tuesday evening went over to Melody‘s house to fix her comp as usual. Haven’t read her blog and so her new “baby” alsation (didn’t look like a baby to me) came as a major shock.

To be honest, I’m terrified of dogs and in the two years that I have known her, I have kind of become used to having her three dogs around. Well, Tanner is a different story because he kept jumping on me. Nearly got me a heart attack! And the process of getting accustomed begins again…

Anyway, after that, we went for Prayer Meeting. It’s been a while.

Yesterday was National Intercession day or similar which meant that prayer groups all over India were interceding for a few causes. Mervin led us into intercession.

Rushed back to my Grandmom’s place immediately after prayer meeting to ensure that I was there by 9.30pm.

Tomorrow is the last holiday and Friday is yet another day before the weekend 🙂

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