At The Grand Hyatt

Tuesday, 27 April 2004
Had my ESD vivas this day and must confess that preperation for it hadn’t really been top class.

Around 2.30 am our Internal began the vivas even though the External wasn’t present. He started asking stuff from the journal, which is something we aren’t very well versed with. My turn came with Samiksha and Abhimanyu and luckily for me, I was able to answer him quite a bit.

I had to go to the Grand Hyatt in Santacruz East immediately after this, so I left my things with Abhimanyu and took off for the place. Melody met me at the entrance and took me to where I was supposed to be stationed on Webnesday (the Grand Salon). Was there till nearly 9pm I guess and thoroughly enjoyed roaming around in the area of the Conference!
Of all the things what really amazed me was the Internet connection! Shocking 150 kBps (I get 4.5:roll:). Pages loaded before I could blink my eye and software downloaded in record breaking times!:grin:

Melody then “took me out” for dinner to McDonalds, Bandra, as we weren’t able to eat at the hotel. Thanks to the Happy Meal we bought, because she wanted the toy man (Found out his name was Nick and he’s a Galidor), we got a photo taken of us. See how she loves Ronald McDonald more than me 🙁
Me and Melody at McDonalds

Wednesday, 28 April 2004
Today was the big day of the Nokia Conference. I reached Melody’s place at around 7.30 am and we left around 8 am.

Went straight off to the Grand Salon where I was posted for the day.
My job: Ensure that media persons out there could access the net and print out whatever matter they needed. This involved setting up a mini-Lan and getting the beautiful HP LaserJet on the network. This was done yesterday itself thanks to the help of Santosh (who works for them) and who was great company for the day.

I expected a lot of press people, but sadly, oddly or luckily, not one turned up the whole day. So, basically I had a really boring but tiring day (though I did complete work with the awards page of Glorify God).

Melody’s Mom took me for lunch to the cafeteria and Melody joined us there. Yummy!

The conference wrapped up around 6 and we packed up and left 😀

The day was a fantastic experience for me. Tiring and enjoyable and I’ve already thanked the ones responsible for it 😀

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  1. 🙂 Have been following your blog for sometime now, thanks to Adi. Have read Melody’s blog as well. Ought to have commented earlier, but am chronically lazy. Love the way a user can change the blog skin. Awesome. Cheers~

  2. Adi told me about you yesterday and pointed out your blog to me.
    Nice writing and I don’t think your so lazy seeing the frequency at which you blog.

  3. Hey Aju,

    It was so great spending 2 whole days with you. Now STOP EVERYTHING ELSE & pls. just study, OK???????

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