Back to Mumbai after Exams

My last post was in . And here I am back again posting from my home city.

Returned to after Diwali vacation on 30th itself to make sure that we study for the and Software Project on 1st. Well, study we did, but managed to mess up SPM :(

The rest of the passed by with some good, some bad and some really really ugly papers. Well, January 3rd is the tentative date for the .

Had originally planned on leaving for Mumbai on 10th itself. However, I had to attend a student interaction session by the NAAC team. Symbiosis International University is currently being accredited by NAAC.

Namrata and me set out for Mumbai by the 7.15am bus. The driver refused to take it through Parihar Chowk and insisted on taking the bypass route. The drivers can be really frustrating at times.

The MSRTC bus turned out to be full, which is rather suprising for a Tuesday morning. Anyway, got into the Neeta bus which got to Mumbair rather fast. Ended up watching Tashan on the bus. I really wonder how they allow some movies to be made!

Got down at Santa Cruz and picked up my from Jana who studies in NMIMS. The bike runs well, but as usual I plan on getting it serviced tomorrow. Have a lot of riding to do this week.

Not sure when I’m heading back to Pune. I’ve got to start studying for my upcoming placements.